3a set

So I was recently inspired by what I think is the best freestyle ever, by Hajime Miura. I decided to get into 3a. I’ve tried it before, but I’d rather not ding up my 1a throws too much. So I’m pretty much looking to get a set for under 150. Preferably plastic. My number one choice right now is two new diffusions, but I am wondering what you all think.

I’m using a set of replays for 3a. They are one heck of a lot better than what I used to use.(fhz)

I play 3a and I personally have cracked plastics playing 3a. I’d refrain from plastics and delrin especially when you are starting out. I recommend buying a pair of metals off the bst, and no, this is not a ploy to attract you to my bst.

Just my honest opinion.

I’m not allowed to use the bst. But I’ll look for some cheap metals to start out.

That’s definitely a good yoyo.

YoyoOfficer’s are good choices too.

Thanks you guys!

Cyborg 2.0, Hour, 86400, any of these fit your price range and would do absolutely anything you ask of them. For plastics, Diffusion should work. Protostars used to be popular as well.