3a yoyos

I am looking to start 3a. I want to get 2 cheap plastics that won’t be a problem if I ding and have to be good for 3a. Please tell me some good options.

First of all, this should be in the Looking for Help/Reccomendations Section
Second, Depending on your definition of “cheap”…

$35 Each - YYR Diffusion, YYF Protostar/Northstar, YYF Regen could be great ($45),
$20 or less - Adegle PSGs are indestructible, C3 Alpha Crash if you can find them, C3 Speedaholics look good, YYJ Classic, theres TONS of options out there…

There are also the sOMETHING Addiction and Crazy D.
If you want full metals since some people like upgrading to them when they get better and no one really cares if you ding them it will happen eventually then:
YoYofficer Kilter, Aura, C3 Level.6 or Accelerators look great, YYF has a ton of sub $40s, Duncan Torque and Echo 2 look like they could wreck (Ive seen a vid with some 3A with Echo 2s and some with a few others on here…)

2 YYJ classics with wide bearings should do or
2 c3 yodeling speedaholics are great too!