The plastic game is getting competitive! C3 plastic!


C3 Speedaholic is coming

Width: 45.80mm / 1.80 inches
Diameter: 54.80mm / 2.15 inches
Gap width: 4.320mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Bearing Type: Flat 10-Ball Stainless Steel
Gap Type: Fixed Response: 19mm Silicone sticker / Flowable Silicone

Available in 3 colors, Red, Clear and Blue.


(In aliens’ from Toy Story voice) Oooh, Translucent


I’m guessing they’ll have some type of caps on them for finger spins :slight_smile:


These look nice… very simple, but nice :o


Doesn’t look like it, but that would be great. I could never fingerspin on my Alpha Crash.


I’ve been working at it. Flippin’ hard!


I just posted the specs.

(2Sick Joey) #8

Looking good! This should shut the people think CLYW are the only ones innovating the plastic game but having a plastic with heavy rim weighting with being a solid plastic with no metal. I wil definitely pick a few of these up since they’re cheap and the specs look amazing.


Yep! I’d love to get the clear and dye it.

(UmeNagisa) #10

Reminds me of a plastic, rounded out summit.
I Love it.
I Hope its sub 20-30.
Oh Lawd

(2Sick Joey) #11

I think it’s $15-$20 retail

(UmeNagisa) #12

Now my life has been made.
You know what?
I Don’t even know if i might buy another metal again.

(2Sick Joey) #13

Seriously though, the plastic game lately has been crazy and they play just as good as metals.


Well. That’s more of my money gone.


Those are some good lookin yoyos. Trade halfs between any of those and that would be brilliant.


I’m in. I’ll get clear, you get red?

Lol jk, I think. I will probably get one actually when they drop. I have the money. If they drop on YYE, I will totally get one.


This yoyo, while probably a very good player has a rather cheesy name: the Speedaholic.


I like the Blue.

I want one…

Maybe change the name though…


I know right. After I pick up a Rally Yeti and 2 or 3 of these I think I’ll be done throwing metals besides for when my Tranquility prototypes come in.


Man these look great! The Alpha Crash plays amazing, so I’m sure this throw will be just as good or even better!