C3 Speedaholic review:UPDATE

The C3 speedaholic was just released on the 11th of September, and I got a pair since they were relatively inexpensive. The Speedaholic is C3yoyodesign’s new budget plastic yoyo after the release after the Alpha Crash, which is know to be an amazing throw.

Width: 45.80mm / 1.80 inches
Diameter: 54.80mm / 2.15 inches
Gap width: 4.320mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Bearing Type: Flat 10-Ball Stainless Steel
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: 19mm Silicone sticker / Flowable Silicone

The Speedaholic comes in 3 colors, Clear, Translucent Red and Translucent Blue. I ordered the Clear and Blue ones because I found them to be aesthetically pleasing, especially the clear one. I believe that color mixes of this yoyo will look awesome as well.

The yoyo came packaged in standard packaging, a sticker and a string. As it opened it, it looks better than it did in the photos, even more when held against light. This yoyo is the best looking of those in its price range, as well as being the heaviest of the sub $15 range. This gives better spin time compared to the PSG, WHiP and ONE. Upon holding it, I found the shape to be very organic as it felt natural and nice to hold. It comes with a 10-ball stock, and I found it smoother than my PSG’s bearing. On a good throw, it sleeps a decent amount of time but will tilt as the spin runs out. I had no problems doing thumb grinds with it, but finger grinds are not possible due to the surface, although i don’t think it will be too difficult to satin it. Gap width is larger than the WHiP, which in turn makes the catch zone larger. I cannot comment on 3A and 5A performance because I do not know how to play those styles, but I think it would serve well as a beater due to the great value for money and also as a yoyo for someone moving from responsive to unresponsive play and will not break the bank.

Aesthetically pleasing
Comes with 10-ball bearing Misinformation from site, comes with a standard 8-ball bearing.
Good weight
Organic shape

Cannot perform finger grinds unless satined
Tilts when spin decreases

Final comments:
The Speedaholic is potentially the best player of its price range due to its weight and superb performance. If you are planning to get one, do not hesitate as it is truly a great throw and will not disappoint. It is great as a gift to anyone who knows how to bind, and as a bring-me-anywhere throw as if it is stolen or lost, the losses are not great.





Compared to ONE and WHiP

Constructive comments and questions are welcome :smiley:
I will update the review if I find anything new about the Speedaholic


I have tested it with YYF SPEC, Terrapin X and CT bearings, all which it wobbles when used. Will pop a KK in and see how it works later.

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Nice review!
Glad to see another Malaysian here :slight_smile:

Thanks, great to see you too! Do you have any idea what happened to the M-YO forums?

I have no idea man. I’ve been spinning on and off since Proyo, and i rarely catch up.
Since i have income to support my throws, you’ll see me almost every week at Sunway.
I think there are very few of the original M-Yo group who remain.

You said the gap type is fixed, does that mean that you can’t take it apart?

Nope, you can certainly take it apart, but the gap width is fixed and not adjustable like in the F.A.S.T. 201. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading.


I was hoping somebody would do a review. I’ve been thinking of getting 2 myself.

Describe to us how it plays.

It plays pretty well, as the name suggests it is pretty fast as well. I have been throwing nothing but the Speedaholic for 2 days :D. Anything else you would like to know?

You won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks for clearing that up.

No Prob :slight_smile:

Noise? Stability? Floaty/solid?

The stock 10-ball bearing is quite noisy. Its stability is decent, and feels more solid but slightly floaty.

Guys, when I get mine, I will make an in depth review with High Resolution pictures.

I should have it up on Tuesday.

Waiting to hear your takes on the Speedaholic :slight_smile:

I’m definitely excited

Could I have suggestions to make my future reviews better? I don’t think I did a very good job with this one.

You did good! :smiley: Others have asked to describe how it plays. Although it is a subjective thing, comparing the throw you are reviewing to other throws you own or are in a similar price range help in describing how it plays. i.e. You’ve taken pictures of the Speedaholic by a ONE & Whip, why not compare the Speedaholic to the ONE & Whip? I imagine that it is way better, but that’s my take.

My bro got a couple of them and he’s pretty satisfied with them; satisfied with its stability

My review is up, the pics were rushed and I had to rewrite it, but hopefully everyone likes it.

Right, I’ll read it :slight_smile:

Good to hear your bro likes them :slight_smile: I’ll take note of that in my future review, thanks.