The Yoyorecreation TRIAD is back at YoYoExpert!

Yoyorecreation is among the best high end yo-yo manufacturers in the world. They are making some of the finest yo-yos that money can buy and are becoming more and more popular among recreational and professional yo-yo players alike. They ventured into the plastic yo-yo market with their popular Diffusion and now they are entering the plastic/metal hybrid arena with the all new Triad!

If you’ve always wanted to grab a Yoyorecreation yo-yo but just didnt have the funds, this is the yo-yo for you! The Triad provides the ideal combination of high-end Japanese metal performance and the carefree feel of a plastic yo-yo. It is the perfect every day carry, take it with you wherever you go without the anxiety or worry of dinging your favorite mint condition metal.

With a steep v-shape and a very rim focused weight, thanks to the added weight rings, the Triad definitely has that high performance Yoyorecreation feel without that high performance price. Stable, fast, and maneuverable, this yo-yo is sure to impress!

Why is this 75 dollar not 35?

Not sure I understand the question. The Diffusion is 35, is that what you’re talking about?

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So was triad not found to break any patents?

At the bottom of the description:

Note: This yo-yo has been built using unique Central Rim Weighting and is officially licensed by YoYoJam to use their patent.

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Why can’t the dazzler be like,$45

Look before triad was discontinued it was 35 or 39 dollars but now it is 75 dollars.

No, this has always been a high end bi-metal throw.

No. Stop posting.



Price has not changed, the product was just deactivated, now that patent issue is settled it is active again. Same price as before.

Hybrid would be the appropriate term.

Yea I was about to say that looks like plastic not mettle. Definatly a hybrid but $75 Bi-mettle would be nice though

inb4 yyj licenses draupnir