does the triton really value 110?


In a past post somebody saied to open my mind to new brands, and i havent tried g squared yoyos, i mean, 110 dollars is not to cheap


It’s not inexpensive, but compared to similar offerings i think it’s pretty fairly priced. Jake’s a great guy, and i hear nothing but good things about the Triton, so i’d say go for it if it looks interesting to you.


Not cheap, but completely worth it in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoy it. Comfortable, stable, fast yet solid. I’m not brand hyping here, seriously. Right now if I could have only one throw, I’d pick the Triton.


There’s no need to throw $110 at a Triton just for the sake of trying out a new brand. I haven’t played one myself so I can’t really tell you if it’s worth it or not, but plenty of brands out there are offering quality throws well below the $100 mark. C3 (Di Base, Di Base 2, Alpha Crash, Capless), sOMEThING (FirMY, V, Crazy D), YYR (just about everything at $75 while the sale is still going), CLYW fool’s gold models, etc.



Mine’s been sitting in its Priority box since I got home 3 hours ago. I’m about to open it! :smiley:

So I’ll let you know haha.


Are you kidding? That box is history as soon as it leaves the mailman’s hands.


First I had to do some laundry, then take a shower, then take apart an iPhone, then put the iPhone back together because I ordered the wrong parts. ::slight_smile:

Anyways, preliminary throwings prove it to be very much worth the $110! Well, $100 (I ordered mine on Yoyo Day)
Pretty quick, but not super speedy. Doesn’t have much float, but it’s definitely not solid. Grinds are stellar. Quickly got rid of the 10-ball and threw in a concave - much better. The pictures don’t do it justice. The engravings are super cool! So shiny. I rubbed my finger against them and besides the fact that they’re feelable, my finger was left with some tiny speckles of aluminum dust ;D


where are you seeing yoyorec’s for $75…?


If i had to choose 1 yoyo right now itd be the triton. Its wonderful in terms of spin time, shape, feel and stability. Although i won one, i would buy one in a heartbeat! It is a very fun and chill throw!!

Now i just wish gsquared would try some more radical shapes and break their organic mold :wink:


No, sadly, I don’t feel the $110 price tag is what the Triton is worth.

I’d say closer to $130. Yeah, its that good.

Let me tell you about my experiences with G-Squared:
They’ve been 100% positive. I’ve been completely satisifed with all of their models and offerings. The AL7 ALbatross is my favorite. These yoyos are on-par with the likes of One Drop and CLYW and it shows. This is from a playability, performance and value perspective.

In my opinion, CLYW has lost a bit of the “value” edge they used to have by having their prices raised. What I mean is that now I feel most CLYW’s are actually selling at what they probably should have been selling for, so the perceived “I’m getting a steal” factor is diminished. Fortunately, I am able to evaluate(with my limited skills) where I think a yoyo should be priced based on the asking price and how it feels being played. One Drop has their prices spot on as you feel you’re getting way more for your money. CLYW is charging a fair price for their offerings, you are definitely getting your money’s worth, no question about it.

So, going back to GSquared: It costs a little more than some One Drops, less than I think any currently offered CLYW, but plays right in the same performance category as both brands and in my eyes has shown it can hold its own against any brand at any price point. This is a brand I’m gonna watch and continue to support, as I am just that pleased with their products.

Yes, $110 is expensive. Sorry, there’s no way around that. You are getting a world class yoyo, that much I guarantee. However, even though I have the funds to blow on yoyos, $110 can be a serious bite even for me to chew. I always recommend that if you have the opportunity to try before you buy, please do so. When it comes to kids and them busting their tails to earn money or convincing parents to spend that kind of money, it’s too risky for me to just say “go for it”. There’s always the risk of “well, this just isn’t a good match for me”. Not to boast about my collection, but I bring it to meets so people can try these high ticket items for themselves. I’ve actually had a lot of kids who had their eyes on certain One Drops, CLYW, GSquared and other brands find out through this that “no, I don’t like it” or “I like this instead” and “I do like it” thanks to getting the opportunity to try things first.


It is absolutely worth that money. Yep, could have charged more. It’s wonderful.


i have a Nessie and its amazing… cant tell you much about the Triton though


The YYR web site.

I’m tempted to hit them up!


Did you miss the Nessie? Not much organic about that. That’s designed to be a competition beast.