Looking for your feedback on the Triton


I honestly think the triton is super stable (with a good strong throw)

The albatross was definitely on the more unstable end of the spectrum, but the triton is pure gold :wink:

(Owen) #22

Havent played one, but it looks purty darn purty


I have not tried one but they look beast. Also, I think that the fact that no one want to sell them means that they are really good!


I want a Triton more than any other throw right now. I absolutely love the Arkham and Freedom colorways. It’s the top of my wants list and the only thing stopping me from copping a Freedom Triton is my lack of money :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest, there’s an awful lot of throws out there. I’m waiting till the honeymoon period is over. It’s already on my list cause I like the splashes, shape, specs, and others’ satisfaction with G-Squared throws. If people are still talking about it after a month or two, it’ll probably get bumped up the list. I’m sure there are others that are skeptical like me, though I do take the occasional shot in the dark.


Plan to pick up a Triton eventually. I’d order one right now (those second run colours look amazing!) but I’m low on cash at the moment due to a recent YYR binge.



I’m really looking to pick up a G2 as soon as I recover from a yoyo buying binge of my own, but I’m undecided on the Tross or the Triton. In the long run, I could see myself owning all of the G2s, just because they are beautiful, so I think it would be smart to get a new Tross while they are still available…

Sorry I can’t give any feedback yet, Jake! I look forward to the day that I can…

(G2 Jake) #28

The market is very saturated, and there are a lot of options. What factors help you decide which high end, high quality yoyo to get? I’m talking about the $100 and up yoyos. I think price is the driving factor when someone pics up a lower end yoyo.



o yeah, the engraving is horrible. It looks like a shiny artificial sticker.

No engraving or Laser Engraving.

Is it laser or not?


You should see one in person before saying it’s horrible. Photographs are never good enough for this sort of thing.


I don’t think a shiny silver engraving will look much different maybe some but not much.

Just my opinion, that one colorway without the engraving looks sick!

(G2 Jake) #32

Thanks for the opinion. I want the feedback good and bad. I really like the engraving. It’s very different from your normal laser engraving. This engraving is actually cut into the yoyo.

(2Sick Joey) #33

Haven’t had the chance to play the Triton or any G2 as a matter of fact but I think it looks very good. The specs are ideal to many people and the shape seems so comfortable. The grooves on the body are a nice touch too…Keep up the good designs. I hear good things about the Triton though.


Maybe it should be not so shiny. Maybe just cut into the yoyo and a color that matches the colorway?

Because when you look at a nice colorway that has say red white and blue, you don’t want a extra color in there do you?


I’ve got a Freedom Triton the Engraving is awesome and different since most other Yoyos are Lasered. This is actually cut into the metal. Goes great with the colorway and was a nice design choice. Good job Jake, I really want a second Freedom. :slight_smile: love the Space Panther too!

(G2 Jake) #36

Your Truck is full!


How far, exactly, is silver from white?

The engravings are incredible! It’s also unique. Much better than some dull gray laser engravings, anyways.

I just sold some stuff, and I’ve started my summer job again, so I’m seriously considering picking one up :stuck_out_tongue:

(G2 Jake) #38

I’m glad you noticed the unique factor. That was part of the reason I elected to do this type of engraving :slight_smile:

(Owen) #39

I actually really like the engraving… I do prefer no engraving on yoyos in general, but this one looks nice.

(G2 Jake) #40

Do you prefer no engraving on solid colors too?