Triton Specs

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Ooh. That looks nice:)

Definitely going to acquire a Triton. I liked the Albatross, but there was just something off about it for me.

I actually got to play with one of the prototypes today and I must say it was quite nice.

I have one of the prototypes and it is wonderful. Everyone should get one of these, it fills any empty spaces if you thought the albatross was “missing something”. It’s a very balanced yo overall and is good at anything you “throw” at it. :smiley: It plays a lot floatier than what I expected with it’s weight. Love it!


This looks really cool.

A friend of mine is on team g squared, we got together earlier today and he let me throw it around a little.


I won’t be able to get one of these until after April 15th(no, I already got my tax refund). Even if I pay for it now, I don’t want it to ship until the 15th. I’m gonna be out of country from March 27th through April 11th, so I don’t want any goodie packages arriving until after I get back.

I do want to secure one ASAP.

Seriously you had to make this? No I have another yoyo that I need to get. I’m up to a Summit,Hex,Triton and Model 10. I hope you sell these raw because the raw one looks super cool!

Sorry no raw will be sold, it causes a qc problem.

I think you will be very happy with an anodized one though.

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haha okay keeps us updated i really want to pick one up !

What do you want to know?

How soon they’ll be available And how much :wink:

The release date is not 100% set but I’m looking at the first Friday in April. Price will be 110

What colors are being released in the initial release?

I’ll post pics when they come in, but all 4 colors are new for G2!

Awesome! I can’t wait to see them!

I will be 12000 miles away when this drops. I will make arrangements to secure one!