what G2 throw is your favorite?


<----- Im Obviously a Huge fan of the Triton and Albatross. Nessie is a strong 3rd.
Just let me know whats your favorite.and why, if you never have tried one then pm me for recommendations or of course post for recommendations in the correct forum.That doesnt mean you cant vote though, just choose the one you have always wante.
The Triton is the grand daddy of fullsize that floats. And in the words of another YYe member its a “Trick Killer”. Best IGR best Organic shape,friction rings for great chop grinds,and it just keeps on spinning. Now the Albatross is my baby though, goes everywhere with me. ;D ;D :-* :-*


what about all the AL7 versions of the models?


Triton followed ever so closely by the Aftershock


Never tried a triton. Guess i have to soon! Fav is the Aftershock. Really wish i had one.


My favorite G2 yoyo is the one I don’t have.


i knew it was coming,everytime i added an option it was acting wiggy on me, so i just settled for the the 5 poll settings it gves you, i was going to add the them all, but i had to settle for the original 5, and the AL7 definitely stand on their own,if one of the AL7’s are your favorite post it and tell us why?

(G2 Jake) #7

Do I have to pick one? AL7 Aftershock has been in my pocket the past two weeks.


which one do you not have?