Help me pick a G2

Hey guys need some help. I have some money left for Christmas and want to buy a G2 and was wondering what you would recommend.

Right now I’m looking at a Triton, Quake and AL7 Quake. Also considering an AL7 Triton if I can find one. Don’t worry about my preferences just tell me which one you would recommend.

Posting just to see what others suggest. Those are my main 3 yoyos right now. I couldn’t suggest one over the others :slight_smile:

If you can get the AL7 Quake, get it.

I have all 8 models of G2 product and I really love all their stuff.

The triton and quake are both great. I prefer the triton due to its fun feel on the string and its just really comfortable to hold and throw. The quake is quick and good for competition or horizontal, only thing i dont like is it can feel thuddy when throwing a breakaway. You cant go wrong with either though!

Can anybody describe the play of the AL7 Quake and AL7 Triton I have a feeling how the normal Quake and Triton play just not sure about the AL7.

Out of the ones I tried, I liked the AL7 Quake best.

But the Nessie is best