do you guys prefer the albatross or the triton, they both fit my preferences pretty well, but i was just wondering which one you like


I like the Triton better than the Albatross by a hair.


I have tried both, and i liked the albatross more


Follow up question! :slight_smile:
do you prefere the summit/code 2 over g-squared tross/triton?


CODE2, Albatross, and Triton are all great yoyos but of the 4 I think I would have to give the nod to the Summit. This is not a slam against the others, it is just THAT good of a yoyo.


I have all the GSquared items. My favorite is still the Albatross, but I like the AL7 Albatross better. Te extra weight didn’t slow it down and very comfortable in the hand, organic shape, plays like I like to play.

I have played the Summit and I gotta say I was really impressed with it and really enjoyed it. I am not going to be getting one only because in my little brain, I don’t like a yoyo being “this brand AND that brand”. It has to clearly be ONE brand. So, unless someone gifts me one, this is one that I’ll strongly recommend to anyone, it’s that good. Scratch that; it’s a great yoyo!

I do like my Code 2’s. I have one stock, and one with disc side effects. I think even as amazing as the Summit is, for me, I still like the Code 2 better. More weight pushed to the edge that I like.