Summit vs Triton

I know there have been a couple threads about this but i would like to see if there are any more opinions of how these compare. I would like to get one of these two yoyos. I like the colorways of the summit better but i hear the triton is SOOO amazing and probably G Squared’s best release.

Seems like the hardest choice on the yoyo market right now, your looking at 2 of top releases of the year. In all honesty I think your going to want both in the end.

In the end it’s up to what your looking for, put the product side by side and see which has the character you want right now.

One thing that hasn’t been talked about is the overcast ano, its a
Style that hadn’t been done yet. The colors came out a littler closer together than I wanted but you can see the sliver is in patches, not just an acidwash.

Good luck with your decision!

have not played either, but the triton looks pretty nice! :wink: I would pick it over the summit

Thanks for the replies but I think I’d like a summit because I don’t have either a OD or a CLYW and I would like one and the summit gives me both. Maybe I can get a triton later…

Summit is pretty dense on the string, and a bit too slow for me. Triton is a lot more agile and flowy.

Both have great stability!!!

I am currently throwing a Supernova and I don’t have a OD or a CLYW. Would you recommend getting one of those two brands before I get a G Squared?

The summit is a great yoyo. The width is 46mm just a mm bigger than cascade. The Summit feels floaty yet powerful. The wieght distribution and size makes The Summit play like an Eagle. Large, wide, powerful. You can go at any pace you want with this yoyo. slow or fast. If you have a very techy kind of style than it may not be for you obivously because the wide gap may catch the wrong string segements. Horizantal on the other hand is great. The wieght is distributed very nicely to be just as forgiveing as a cascade. So horazantal is great on this floaty tank of a yoyo. If you have a slackish kind of style, youll love it. The width of the yoyo makes for easy catching of slacks. The width, and the forgiving nature of the cascade. And the power, and speed of the Avalanche. This is no doubt an amazing throw.

       (P.s. this is kind of a mini review im going to make a full review next week. forgive me if I get my info wrong. Please give me tips on this mini review so far so I could type a good review on this yoyo)

Have you tried a triton?

I have decided to get a Summit whenever I can grab one. I think I’ll target the Triton as my next throw. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

No but Im pretty sure its a great throw.