Clyw x Onedrop Summit vs Clyw Avalanche

Hey!! I know I have already done a review of the summit and the avalanche (or I will do an Avalanche review), but I’m here to answer one of the most asked yoyo questions since 2012; Which is better? Summit or Avalanche. Don’t get me wrong, these yoyo’s are both really nice, but they are expensive (especially the Avalanche), so i’m here to make sure you don’t make a dent in your wallet for nothing. After getting the Summit, I wanted the Avalanche, so I got one off of ebay, put my pads and bearing in it and played. So, without further adieu, let’s get started with the review.

Summit stats:

diameter: 2.19in/55.5cm
width: 1.81in/46cm
weight: 66.75g
bearing: Onedrop 10 ball (which I think plays like a flat center track, and yes, I’m ready for the hate)
response: Aqua Clyw snow tires

Avalanche stats:

diameter: 2.16in/55.05cm
width: 1.68/42.90
weight: 65.9g
bearing: Center track
response: Clyw snow tires

First impressions when I compared: The Summit and the Avalanche have a similar body, but the rims look completely different. The summit is a LOT wider, and when I say a lot, I mean a good 3 centimeters. For some reason, when I looked at the Avalanche, all I could think was: dang, this yoyo looks terrible. I know this isn’t the worst looking design ever, it’s just not my favorite body. I can easily say that the Summit’s body looks amazing, hands down. BUT, I really like the Avalanche’s rims. I like the colors of both yoyo’s, but I like the Summit’s pink (at least I think it’s pink, i’m severely color blind), but I like the aspect of the splash of the Avalanche.

(Sorry if my camera stinks :()

Summit (if you can’t tell)


Bearing and Response: My Summit’s response is aqua snow tires, and they are a lot less clingy, unlike my Avalanche’s snow tires. For some reason, my other snow tires are so responsive, I sometimes can’t use my Avalanche. I could be i bought the yoyo off ebay, but I put my aqua’s on the Avalanche, and it still was very responsive. I also like the center track a lot better than the 10-ball. Personally, I feel the 10-ball is just a center track with no track (as in it plays like a center track). I feel like the 10-ball is a bit overrated, but if you love it, then great! It’s your own opinion after all. Overall, I just need to take a picture of one because they had the same stuff (also, my camera broke again when I was taking the summit picture).

Material: They’re both made out of very high-quality aluminum with a soda-blasted finish. The metal doesn’t chip easily, but the paint does. All I have heard about Clyw’s finishes are “Amazing”, I personally don’t think so. Clyw’s finishes are definitely above average, but just that. The only out standing finish I have ever felt was a TurningPoint Positron, and it felt freaking amazing. I would buy that yoyo just for the look and finish.

Body: I know I already touched on this, but I must bring it up again. The Avalanche’s body is just ok to me. I really don’t like the way it looks, but I do like the way it plays. Even though it’s sort of thin, you can still easily land the yoyo on the string. As you guys know, I LOVE THE SUMMIT’S BODY. it’s amazing. It’s basically a more choppy cascade, which Onedrop and Clyw were going for, and it paid off IMMENSELY. I really love it. I don’t love the rims of the summit, but theft still look pretty good. I love the Avalanches rims with a passion. Clyw hit the nail directly on the head for the rim. I love the Chief’s rims also.

Now for the big one, PLAY: For this I will just say how they both play, and then compare it.

Summit: The Summit is a floaty power-house. Onedrop is really good at spreading out the weight of the yoyo, and boy did they do it well here. The Summit is REALLY FLOATY. It’s actually pretty impressive. I like how the Summit rejects easily, because I love rejection tricks. Another ting that it’s great at is minimizing the catch zone. What I mean is, even though it is really wide, The summit is still really good at very complicated tricks and intricate string work. I really love how the Summit plays.

Avalanche: Take the Summit, shrink it down, and make it thin. Naturally, you probably think that the Avalanche plays exactly like the Summit, but it’s the complete opposite. The Avalanche plays like a tank. It’s a lot more stable than the Summit, but it’s a lot more slow and solid. So if you love the play of a Genesis, or a very solid yoyo, YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE AVALANCHE. Unfortunately, I don’t love this play, but it’s still plays like a champ to some people.

Now to compare: When I think summit, i think larger cascade. Honestly, the Summit and Avalanche are two completely different champions. It’s really hard to compare these, but I’ll try. The Summit is a lot more spread out than the Avalanche, which would make it feel more floaty, and the Avalanche is more condensed, so it’s naturally like a tank. I personally like the Summit’s play better, but I only love it because I love floaty yo-yo’s. If you love condensed, slower yoyo’s, got with the Avalanche.


play: 8/10
look: 7/10
how fun it is to play with; 9/10
response and bearing; 8/10

play: 6/10
look 7/10
how fun it is to play with; 8/10
response and bearing; 7/10

Conclusion, BUY THE SUMMIT, not the Avalanche!!

Thanks for clicking!

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That was a pretty well written review/comparison and thank you for writing it.

I think in all the spots you put ‘cm’ and ‘centimeters’ you meant ‘mm’ and ‘millimeters’.

Great review, I have been contemplating purchasing a summit and now will chose it over an avalanche because of how you said it played. However with that said, I have a cascade and am looking for something that isn’t too similar to it, stronger H shape for some difference in play, which now makes me think I will go completely different. Maybe the shutter is going to be the yoyo for me. Cool man, and thanks again.

Definitely go with the summit, even though it’s similar to the cascade (it’s sort of a bigger cascade).
As for the shutter, try it! It’s only $40

Why not buy both? Get an FG Avalanche, and a Summit off BST. They’re both pretty cheap these days. For one new fancy colorway Summit’s price you could afford both.

Yeah, opps!

I’m the complete opposite of you. I absolute can’t stand the Summit but love the Avalanche. The stableness and weight of it create a better sense of flow and float for me. Then again I always have had a thing for heavy yoyos.

by the way the Summit isn’t 3 centimeters wider than the Avalanche :wink:

2 things I didn’t like about this, it’s not paint is anodization; and for clyw finishes they came out with a new one in 2014 which is best of their finishes (compared to past finishes)and I think the summit used a standard onedrop finish which was different than what CLYW used at the time of its conception.

Other than that, Great job well done!