g squared yoyos pics

Some pics of my gquared yoyos :smiley: ;D post yours here too

You guys are making me jelly. I really want an Albatross.

ahhhhhhh, I have GOT to get that Snozberry Triton, I NEED it in my life lol. That spin shot is great man.

7075 goodness

The Big Bang Triton

Bringing this dead thread back.

My G2 Collection.
(it’s constantly growing…so I’ll post updates as they come through :slight_smile: )

I think there is two of these threads. But I love those Albatross.

I’ll let you use them as much as you want if I make it to Ohio States :slight_smile:

Difficult for me to describe how jealous I am over that Hulk Blood Triton.


MUH babies! ;D ;D

Updated G2 picture.

^^^^ yuo lemme know if you are ever gonna get rid of that star print Tross,its gorgeous

I highly doubt it, but if I decide to, I’ll let you know.

Here’s what I have thus far, but I’m anxiously awaiting the new AL7 AfterShock.

Even have a space all ready for it… :wink:

Edit: AL7 arrives !! :wink:

Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jake

Really looking forward to grabbing one of the AL7 AfterShocks I wrote you about.
Do let us know when they will be available. Certainly don’t want to miss out on those. :wink: