The Triton Show Off


Thought I would start a show off thread of my Favorite G Squared Yoyo! The Triton!
Lets all see those beauties out there!


Very nice! The last yoyo I need to get from gsquared is the triton and then I can just go about collecting sweet colors!


Get on that ASAP!




My triton collection

(G2 Jake) #6

Dude… That might be the best Triton collection ever.


OMG! …if i hit the lottery one day,im comming to your door with a bago cash dude.
That last one is freaking almighty man. and the snozberries…Jake is right that is the best triton collection ive ever seen. ill post mine here soon, definitely not as good as that…are those all mint?


Yeah except for the arkham triton that has one tiny flat spot that was there when I bought it



Mordo, I love that freedom triton!



But I like to call it the Cubbie Triton