A little story behind the Triton

When I first started the sketches for Triton back in late 2012 it changed everyday. I was drawing this yoyo up a if it was going to be a signature yoyo for myself, then I would adjust it based on things the team suggested. Looking at the triton you can see some of my favorite yoyos in its design. You can the peak, larger organic. You can see the project. You can see the punch line, the original sketches had larger spikes. Those were all things I brought together from things I liked in the past. The triton wasn’t going to play like any one of them though, as non were perfect for me. I wanted an everyday yoyo. Not something that was built specifically for fast or slow play. I wanted something that I could push when I wanted to, and play slow and casual.
If you have played a triton you know that goal was achieved.

The spikes we chopped down for a few reasons. First I didn’t want all of that weight on the axle, I wanted it spread out in the rim and on the G2 stability ring. Also I wanted the cups to have a larger visible area to show off the ano designs that make some yoyos playable pieces of art. Goal achieved if you have seen some of the ano jobs out there on the triton.

I like to grind. What helps a yoyo grind longer? A smaller amount of yoyo surface touching you. The grooves and bead blast do a great job helping with some if the longer grind tricks out there. I have a special July 4 edition coming from MFD, I can’t wait to see how it grinds with their blast!

Is the triton my signature yoyo? No, but it is everything I want in a yoyo and if I was designing a sig yoyo it would be the same but with a different name.

Just a little Triton background info I though you guys might like to know.

Happy Wednesday!


Thanks for sharing this ;)) the triton os honestly the best yoyo i have played to date. Some come close, but for the functionality of the triton, it doesnt get much better! We have a winner here!!!

Triton is definitely my favorite. During play it feels like a magical floating orb tethered by a string:)
I have the nickel, and am always on the look out for more.
Nice to hear it’s back story.

Makes me want to get a triton :smiley:

I’ve had no interest whatsoever in the past to get a G2…

I second that. I have two and I’m STILL on the lookout for more!

Beest jojo eevar

8 month necro…

And still fresh out of the oven. I dont see an expiration date :wink:

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I got a chance to have the 1/7? Ano experiment triton! Sooooo awesome! It was weird because you could go sooo fast, but then it felt slow when you went slow.

I really want a nickel :slight_smile:

Speaking on cooking… Tritons are cooking in an ano bath as I type this.

Any hints? :wink:

4 colors. 2 are YYE exclusives.

Pfftt necro.

I don’t actually have a Triton. However, I like the story and I have been thinking about getting one recently.

I have been a triton fanboy since I got mine. It has impacted my yoyo collection because I just don’t see a reason to buy something else. I just put a fresh response in it last night, and while it was drying I had to throw something else. That was the first time I had really thrown something other than my triton since I got my triton.

I will say I am going to try to pick up a new Quake when the new colors drop tomorrow. I have had several things on my want list lately, but I was so impressed with the triton I want to try another G2 throw.

So far its my favorite G Squared Yoyo out! I would definitely pick up one or FIVE!

Funny. I wrote this so long ago and the Triton is still my favorite yoyo of all time.

I think it’s ironic how it says your fav yoyo is still the albatross on your profile ;D

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I only use the app so I never see that. I’m surprised it doesn’t say my first new age yoyo. The speed maker.