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G Squared was named the 2012 “New Manufacturer of the Year” by Yoyoskills.com. The Triton is the third model produced by them, and Jacob Gross was kind enough to let me test one for a few weeks so I could give an unbiased review.

Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 44 mm
Gap Width: 4.42 mm
Weight: 66.7 grams
Bearing: Size C
Response: Flowable Silicone

The Triton comes packaged in a standard cardboard box with a G Squared and Triton logo on the surface. Open the box and you’ll find a string, an assorted goody bag with G Squared decals, and of course the yoyo itself.

The surface of the Triton is your standard splash anodization, but the inner gap is grooved to provide less friction when performing finger grinds so it will edge out other yo-yos with a similar finish. The inner ring is large with no hub to get in the way for IRG tricks, although due to the large diameter and shape of the model, I was not able to successfully perform a finger spin. This particular color way is called “Poison Dart”. The colors really pop and make you want to pick it up and play with it. I loved the dark, sickly yellow with the striking aqua and black splash; my fiancé hated it.

The Triton is visibly smooth and while performing finger grinds you will be pleased to feel no vibration. On the string, the Triton is equally as smooth and spins true.

The Triton uses flowable silicone for its response system which provides reliable binds to return the yoyo even at slow speeds. The diameter of the response system is almost twice as large as most other yo-yos that use silicone sticker response. This means the Triton has a higher chance of snagging unexpectedly during complicated string tricks, but also performing better at different types of binds and in my opinion smoother regeneration tricks. It is definitely not as snappy as a K-pad or Snow Tire response and may be a bit less unreliable, but it gets the job done.

The Triton shines with rejection style tricks due to its profile shape; the string will effortlessly and powerfully reject off of the body of the yoyo. Theorists can say this is because of the grooves in the profile or the curvature of the profile, but either way it works very well. I believe the only downside to the profile is that you cannot pick a knot out of the gap of the yoyo with your fingers. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

From the initial powerful throw, to the smooth and precise string play, to the snappy response back to the hand — the Triton delivers. This model is capable of performing completely vibration free at high RPM’s and handle multiple string layers while still feeling classic and organic with a modern twist. The Triton is a perfect balance of floaty and solid; it doesn’t feel dead on the end of the string and yet still solid enough to move and perform powerfully and quickly without a lot of effort. Most importantly, this yoyo makes me want to play yoyo.

This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a competitive or casual yoyo.

Written by Andrew Robinson who loves N&F

Written by: Andrew Robinson on April 21, 2013.
Last revised by: Dr. Yo-Yo