G-Squared Triton: A High Speed YoYo Review


Jake is back again with his third release from G-Squared. The company has had an amazing run since their inception back in early 2012. They have released the much-loved Albatross and the underrated Nessie, both in a regular and AL7 variant, the latter being machined with 7075 aluminum. They ended the year on a high, receiving YoYoSkills’ New Manufacturer of the Year award… not bad for a company that was “born” in early 2012. Their latest release is the celestially named Triton, their first since receiving that coveted award at the end of 2012 and their first release in 2013. Now it is time to see if the Triton becomes another heavenly body in the yo-yo universe or if it will flame out quickly like a meteor hitting our atmosphere.

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Another amazing review. I tip my hat to you good sir.

(G2 Jake) #3

Thanks Chris!


Top-notch review; thanks for sharing!


My favorite yoyo :slight_smile: and a wonderful review!

(Big D) #6

Just got this in the mail today. Absolutly love it so far. Makes me want to try their other helpings.

(G2 Jake) #7



I got my Triton today and I love it! It’s up there with my all time favorites.

Full-sized, stable, grooves, powerful spins, beautiful anno (Freedom color), Gruntbull blast, flowable sillicone response, One Drop 10-ball bearing, a nice mix of modern and classic (organic) shapes. Thrilled!

(G2 Jake) #9

Well said. Thank you!


I will definitely be owning multiples… ;D

(G2 Jake) #11

Which one do you own now?


I got one of the Arkham editions from the G2 website with the shirt. Wasn’t sure if I’d be crazy about the color way but it really is one of those that you have to see to appreciate.