Looking for your feedback on the Triton


I really want a triton but I want the iris colorway so I was waiting to see if that will be available…

(G2 Jake) #42

Having the Iris color is the deciding factor on purchasing one? What if I told you there will not be an iris Triton? (3rd run is still up in the air and the list if colors if a third run is made does not include iris) unless you guys convince me it needs to be made.


Make a black with Orange splash…
Dragon Blood.,.


For me, I take into account word of mouth and yoyo reviews, aesthetics, specs, availability, company rep, and if I feel the need to spice up my yoyo rotation. Its hard to trust yoyo reviews on really new models. I also like to get something that looks different than my other throws. I dont really buy solid colors unless it has a grey or metallic finish. Also, I’d suggest lurking around for more raw criticism. Most people might not say anything bad if they think you’ll see it, just to be nice, and to avoid any confrontation. Its way cool you’re involved in the community, but you may need an alter ego. My $.02. :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #45

I’m open to negative feedback. I can only address issues that I know about.

(G2 Jake) #46

I have not tried one but they look beast. Also, I think that the fact that no one want to sell them means that they are really good!
I would have to agree with that :slight_smile:

(WildCat23) #47

Guys they are really, really good. I just found them a tad bit tippy. Could be me being so used to super stable throws, though.

(G2 Jake) #48

Anyone else try one? I know they are out at BAC for people to try.