GSquared Presents the AL-7 Albatross - get them while they last!

I’ve been having conversations with Jacob Gross about how much I enjoy the GSquared products. Don’t hate me, I didn’t buy them from YYE. I have my reasons, and it has nothing to do with YYE, it has to do with how I try to support small business, that’s all.

Quite some time ago, March 19, 2012 to be exact, I took a chance. Earlier, Jacob Gross and Brett Grimes announced the forming of a yoyo company. I figured this would be good. Real good. Here’s two guys who love this toy, love the community and seem to have their proverbial “ear to the street”. Plus they are working with One Drop for the machining. I figured this would be interesting in a good way. However, looking at the price tag, I was a bit hesitant. Fortunately, some spare money landed in my lap, and so it was a calculated gamble.

Let me move backwards a bit so I can move forward again.

At this point, March 2012, I’ve been doing this about 10 months. I’m not good, but improving(nothing has changed, still no good, but still improving). I’ve developed a taste for expensive metal yoyos. Yeah, I like the good stuff and got the money to back it up and the preferences that say “oh yeah, that’s sweet”. My first $100 metal I paid for was the Corli Prototype, but I’ve since bought more stuff more expensive since then. I’ve already acquired some One Drops and CLYW’s at this point. Plastics, metal, even Delrins, I got a bit of everything going on. So, I’ve got some experience.

So I order the Albatross, it arrives a bit later. I open it up and it looks better than the pictures. It has a shape that looks comfortable. I unwound it, tied the string to size, then threw it… HOLY COW… SMOOTH as glass. Comfortable in the hand, even has a nice texture that really feels nice. Organic in shape. This yoyo moves fantastic. Smooth, solid, stable, good weight and distribution and size. A couple more throws and it was just reinforcing what I already knew.

It’s no surprise the Nessie was another item I had to get. A completely different beast, but like the Albatross, a safe bet. The Albatross is definitely a CLYW kind of inspired design, while the Nessie was more One Drop-esque, being a more “engineered” shape. Two completely different models, two amazing players.

When I go to meets, I barely see these. The kids want to know “Hey, do you have an Albatross/Nessie” and I say “yes, I do” and they want to try them and I say “yes you can” and the come back loving their choices. Adults/older players too.

Look if you’re not buying this stuff, I gotta ask “why aren’t you?” OK, if you don’t have the money, OK. But if you do, why aren’t you strongly considering this brand? I am NOT kidding when I say this brand is UP THERE with CLYW and One Drop. It is worth the money.

Now, my only complaint with the Albatross is that I prefer heavier, but even so, it’s still got a great weight on it. It’s just my preferences. Here comes the AL-7 Albatross, 2.2 grams heavier and made of 7075 aluminum. MUST HAVE THIS. Let me re-state: I MUST HAVE THIS.

With an AL-7 Albatross heading my way, this is probably one of the last few yoyos where I’ve got a lot of excitement for getting this. Even with the recent Puffin arrival, scoring a Dingo, YFactor, Project and other stuff, this is really the one I am looking forward to. The part that sucks is that I have other unboxing videos to shoot, and that I might have to shelve this one for a bit. The good thing is that this animation would be relatively simple and may have to be bumped up in the priority list.

If you want these, they are dropping on December 8, 2012 in very limited quantities. However, sadly, they are not being released at YYE. I hope these sell out fast and that Brett and Jacob are forced to make more and sell them all over the place. If you’re truly interested in these, you know where to go. If you’re not, well, why aren’t you?

Not to bring in a tangent, but my kid, who at the moment is 6, prefers the Albatross over my CLYW’s and OneDrops and other expensive stuff. Yeah, he’s throw my Peaks, Chief, AC, GE, Cascade, Code 2 and more. I’m not joking and I didn’t press him. He picked this on his own.

I’m not sponsored by any company. I’m just a guy who talks a lot about stuff I like. I have no motivation here other than to say “these are great items and if you miss out, you may be truly missing out”. This may be a possible collectors item, but trust me, this is being thrown and not just gonna sit pretty in the case. It’s gonna be shared and enjoyed. I may be collecting, but I don’t just collect it to have it. As I said, it’s gonna be played. A lot.

Now, to bring it back to YYE:
The Nessie and Albatross are in stock. Looking for something to try? This is one of many new brands worth checking into. Both are worth every penny you spend. Absoltely. They play above their price point too. Just fantastic

I like not being sponsored. I can say what I want and not have to worry about it, well, provided I’m not saying something offensive.

There are many great new brands as well. Rayoyo’s with their Chupacabra. Eternal Throw with their Victory, Square Wheels with their Royale. if there’s any new brands I left out, it’s because I don’t have your stuff, so go PM me and let me get familiar with you. I’m not expecting a hand-out. If I like what I see and hear, I’m more than willing to place an order. But, I will let your business determine how you want to proceed.

Take a chance. It’s safe these days. I am left with a clear impression that these new companies know what the heck they are doing!

Wow. Thank you. I’m not sure how to respond to that :slight_smile: I’m glad our product speaks for us.

The AL7 Albatross is very limited because I wanted to see if I liked the way it came out just switching to 7075, of if I wanted to alter the weight distribution as well.

We got the smallest run we could order and they turned out better than I expected. I love it!

Depending on the sales and reviews of this limited run, we will have more and hopefully distribute some to YYE.

Good luck to anyone trying to pick one up, and Thank you to everyone for your support.

I think it would play considerabley better if you thinned out the walls in the catch zone for more rim weight, which is what makes Japanese throws so good.

That’s why we built the Nessie. I personally love the way the Albatross is a more even weight distribution, giving it that float it has.

Everyone likes different styles,
Right now the added weight from the 7075 tross makes it my favorite throw.

I’ve never held an Albatross, but I have a Nessie. When I got the Nessie, it was one of those yoyos that makes me wonder, “Why didn’t I buy this sooner?” I can’t wait to get my Cherry Bomb. I even have a Team Edition 'tross on the way, so I’ll be able to compare. I know it’ll be another one of those moments when I ask myself that question again.

I will also agree that the Albatross and Nessie are some of the best out there, and G2 is quickly proving itself to be one of the premier small makers. One or two more models on this level, and they’ll be one of the big boys.

Ooooh, that certainly is something worth looking into.
That was my only gripe with the Albatross. It played amazingly, just a couple grams lighter than my preferred weight. A near 67 gram Albatross would be perfect. I’m definitely interested.

I never get tired of hearing this!
Thank you!

Now what I need your help on is, how do we get people to try them :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried one but sounds good!

You need people like me who are willing to take the chance and BUY THEM and take them to meets. I don’t mind the fact that I’ve paid for these yoyos. They are amazing, worth every penny and I enjoy playing them and seeing them played.

There is a very short list of yoyos that I’ll take in trade for my bst and the Albatross is one of them.

Well, last night I shot my footage for a GSquared Unboxing. I hope it came out good. I hope I didn’t get sloppy on it either. I rushed through it. With only 3 total yoyos to deal with, it’s less hassle.

I said I wasn’t going to play it last night, but I couldn’t help myself. I said 5 minutes. Then the next thing I knew it was 3AM. At least I went to bed happy!

Needless to say I am very, VERY tired this morning.

Fast review: the AL7 is very attractive. It does have a different feel. It plays like the regular Albatross, just a but MORE, but it’s like weightless on the string, smooth as glass like a General Yo, darn near silent thanks to the OD 10 Ball bearing, very comfortable in the hand, easy to throw and just performs amazing. I was super pleased with the original, but this 7075 yoyo is simply beyond taking it a step further. This yoyo was clearly meant for 7075 production, and it merits the price I paid for it. No complaints, no regrets.

Another winner from GSquared.

Post a video of the unboxing. I would love to see it :slight_smile:

I’m going to be working on that today a bit. It’s kinda low on the priorities list. I haven’t even reviewed the footage yet.

Can you send me a link to your channel? I haven’t seen any of your videos yet.

Here you go: