FS/FT: AL7 G2 Albatross

Hello friends,

I’ve got a yoyo that I’d like to offer up for trade or sale. Price is OBO+$6 for shipping in US, $12 to Canada, PAYPAL ONLY. I’ve got a throw I need to payoff so I’m looking to sell first! My biggest wants are Blue Blizzard CLYWs as I am attempting to collect them all (I currently have the Chief, Summit, and Puffin) so if you have those please let me know! I am fine with other CLYWs though as well. Also EXTREMELY interested in G2 Quakes, General Yo, Anti-Yo, and One Drop. Yetis and Rallys will certainly be considered, but please understand that they are not gold and not worth a good metal throw. Use them to boost a trade if you need, but don’t offer one for anything but the Token. Also, I am looking to get into 5A so anything related to that is welcome. I do use my yoyos so know I’m not particular about MIB throws coming my way.

G-Squared Ice AL7 Albatross ($130 OBO)

Again, this is another rare and sought after throw, possibly my favorite. It will be tough to get this one so offer BIG. A couple scuffs and one very tiny ding.


C3 Yoyo Design Pink and Silver Token

This one will likely just be a throw in for a trade bump but it is quite fun. There is damage around the edges of this guy, but with as good as the ano job is it is hard to see. I also have the box for this one.



Thanks everybody!

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Added up the Albatross and forgot to bump, hahaha

Up to the top for GA States tomorrow!

To the top! prices lowered! need these sold today!!!

Internet is down, LTE FTW.

Happy thanksgiving all!