For Sale/Trade: OD, SPYY, CLYW, G2, MFD, YYF

NOTE: All prices are negotiable
For Sale/Trade:

Puffin: few small marks, plays incredibly smooth—$75 shipped

Pure: raw scratches/marks on the raw aluminum caps, smooth—$85 shippedSOLD

One Drop
Valor: one mark that breaks ano, plays so so smooth—$95 shipped PENDING

Co-Lab: mint—$70 shippedSOLD

Aviator: one hairline scratch, this yoyo is a power house—$65 shipped

Looking for:
-Money -G2 Triton (Artistry Series ONLY)
-YYO Hatchet -G2 Albatross (Nickel Plated ONLY)

My request is that you only offer me trades if it is something off of my wants list. If it isn’t, then I won’t reply. Thank you for looking. I hope we can work something out!

Hello, I’d love to take that Quake off your hands if it’s still available!


Krown and Quake gone, Bonfire added, Albatross still available.

I would love the Bonfire ;D

New Yoyos Added!

I need money to pay for books for college coming up :-\ hooray…