Round 3, G2, Art, CLYW, Doc Pop and more F/s

My desire to fund another hobby is hitting my yoyo bags again. Please feel free to offer on anything, US shipping only currently. All prices include shipping however if you want to use G/s you cover fees. Ty for looking!

Fallen Angel 1 of 30 pieces - 100
Any small yoyo fans out there this thing is a treat, was stuck between a rock and a hard place listing this

Art Quail - 115

Recess ywet, no actual damage just the finish shows all the love it gets - sold

BvM- some wear on this on still a fantastic player - 130

Avalanche- sold

Slim dunk- 85

Day tripper and weekender - sold

Atoms khuno- 145

Atoms pomelo goji and thunderberry- 220 for the set

Can price out per piece if needed

Pair of b grade yoyofreaks freaks- 80 for the pair

Rso bowl mini- sold

Dd stainless assassin -sold

G2 patreon warthog- sold

G2 Project c second run - 130

Fair trade b grade project ti - on hold

MCMO (grey)- 85

Thank you for looking I’ll respond in the order that messages come in


Bummed I missed the warthog lol

@Chaman Quail if you are still looking

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Excellent lot~!! :yo-yo:

Good morning!
I got a blue Quail a few months ago, but thanks for remembering :wink:
I hope someone who doesn’t have it buys it and can enjoy it!
Free bump for this great lot!


Good news for all those that purchased last night, I will have time to get to the post office today so keep an eye out in your pm’s for tracking late this evening