CLYW. Low prices for lots of metals! LF YYJ Revival, Valor, Yeti

Message me for damage pics.
Really only interested in trading for a yeti, YYJ Revival, and valor. Still feel free to message me with trade offers, you never know. Prices are somewhat negotiable.
Message me for damage pics.

Top Row From Left to Right.
Puffin 2 Rafmang.GONE
Confetti Bonfire. Mint in Box. Smooth. (offer)
YYR Blue Messiah. one tiny scratch. no box. Smooth, Message me for bearing seat pics and stuff. $120.

2nd Row Left To Right
One Drop 54 Green. Mint. No Box. Smooth. $60 (GREAT DEAL)
Clyw Fools Gold Sasquatch. Fg for a small anno flaw. Dead smooth. Some marks. $60.
Concrete Blizzard Cliff. 4 or 5 dings. No box. DEAD SMOOTH. $100

3rd Row.
Benchmark. Not gong to sell, accidentally pictured.
YYE edition summit. 3 or 4 dings. Box. $70. GONE
YYF Supernova. Very smooth. 1 ding. no box. $70

YYF cyper. A couple marks. Smooth. No box. $30.
PSG mint. $20
YYF Protostar. Some marks. no box. $20

[please only offer items you have pics of] ~vegabomb



Do you have any better pics of the ano flaws and scratches on the FG Sasquatch?