[s]Hello I have been slowing down in the world of yoyoing and would like to give some other people a

chance to play with the yoyos I no longer use at all. Due to the fact that I am doing this I am only willing to sell these. If you have a counter offer to one of my prices send it on over, I will not be too picky.

Preferred payment method is paypal.
Get a Quake, Victory, and a dv888 for only 90$!!!

-G2 Quake Dragonslayer edition, mint with box and pin - 75$ 62.5$

-Eternal Throw Victory half purple half gray, 3 tiny spots where ano has faded - 60$ 30$

-DV888 black w green splash, 1 scuff - 20$ 10$ (10$ with any other throw at full price)

-YYF ReGen white with blue cups, mint - 20$ (10$ with any other throw at full price) -Gone

-CLYW Cheif cyro edition, 2 tiny marks and are unfeelable with box - 85$ -Gone

buy all 3 for 90$ shipped



up, very cheap prices!

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