February 2021 For Sale/For Trade: G-Squared, One Drop, CLYW

First time user, please be patient.

More pictures available upon interest/request. Most yoyos are mint/near mint. All yoyos play well. Especially interested in listed trades. Any offer from there will likely not be turned down. Still open to selling, if that is chosen payment will be through PayPal.

For Trade/Sale:
- G-Squared Albatross (SOLD)

  • G-Squared Quake (Mint, no box.)
  • One Drop Gradient (Mint with Ultralite Side Effects, signed by Graeme Steller, no box.)
  • CLYW Orca (Traded for, has polished rims. Yoyo has only cosmetic damage, just some scratches, does not affect play.)
  • YoyoFactory Shutter (MIB)
  • Yoyofactory TooHot (Mint, no box.)
  • Yoyofactory Aviator II (Mint, no box. Signed by Luis Enrique Villasenor.)
  • YoyoZeekio Volt (Near mint. A few rim scuffs but are cosmetic only, does not affect play.)
  • C3YoyoDesign Acclerator (Mint, no box.)

Interested Trades:

  • YoyoRecreation- Anomaly
  • YoyoFriends- Sunbird, Magpie, Hummingbird, Peregrine
  • Good Life- Gulch, Valley, Gully (7075), Breeze (New)
  • G-Squared- Elite (New or Old), Banshee, Banshee SS, Ghost
  • iYoyo- Steel, FiRROX (6061 or 7075), iCEBERG
    May accept other trades as well, just throw them at me!

pm incoming

hey man is the quake still available? i would be interested in buying it from you.

Messaged ya

Won’t let me edit the post again, but Quake and Gradient are both sold.

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