YoYos For Sale and Trade- New Yoyos added 3/20

I have a few yoyos available:

All yoyos are in excellent condition.

Yoyo Friends Shortcut Great Colorway $25
Rain City Skills Guitarist $40
MK1 Contact $30

I feel like these are fair prices, but I will entertain offers.

Will consider trades (plus cash from me when needed)

There are some things I’m looking for, but I’m open, so feel free to throw anything out there and we’ll see.

Here are a few that jump to mind:

Mowl- pretty open on these
CLYW- Puffin, Otter, Akita
Onedrop Kuntosh 5000QV, Rev 2, Sugar Glider
Mythril- Open on these, as well
Dressell Designs Monarch
C3YoyoDesigns- Galaxy Driver, Speedaholic Max.
Luftverk- Open, including plastics
Retic Death Adder V2
Unprld Nostalgia, Coglite, Abduction, Elevation
Yoyorecreation MN Autoscopy
ZGRT Qi, The Don
Zipline Honey Badger
Unspoken Hush, Artemis
SF Cadence
Iyoyo Hidra

Rain City Guitarist

YYF Shortcut

Damian Puckett G2 Valhalla

MK1 Contact


Please post pics of anything you are trading/selling.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Done :partying_face:

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Saturday Bump :rabbit2:

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Bump :tiger2:

Bump :space_invader:

Rise :giraffe:

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Boogie :space_invader:

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Up, I say! :disguised_face:

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Interested in g2 reaper

Good Morning :hedgehog: :hatching_chick:

Bump :metal:

I am selling a galaxy diver 6061 and speedaholic max rn if ur interested.

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can you dm me? one is mint condition the other is in good condition

Bump :robot:

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