CLYW, YYF, YYJ, SPYY yoyos for sale only MAKE ME AN OFFER!!! PM FOR PICS


Hey guys! I’ve got a few yoyos that I want to sell because I’m saving up for a new guitar and yoyoing has become more of a side hobby to me and I don’t need as many as I have. So the yoyos I have for sale are all a few years old, all in pretty good condition. PM me or email me at for pics. I can send as many pics as wanted. So the yoyos I have for sale are the following:
-Chief (few dings, anodizing flaw, nothing major)
-SOLD Sasquatch (few dings, nothing major) SOLD
-Gnarwhal (few dings, nothing major)
-SOLD Campfire (no scratches or dings) SOLD
-Red G5 with color hub stacks (no scratches or dings)
-Custom painted ENEME
-Skyy Chaser
-Delicious (No axle because when i took it out to clean the bearing I couldnt get the bearing off to in the process i stripped the axle. The two sides are fine and will sell them at fairly discounted price)

So yea I can email you pictures of whatever you want to see! Like I said make me an offer because I don’t want to price them too high or low.

Also if someone had a decently nice guitar I would trade all of these yoyo’s for it. Just a thought.


Hey so I’m saving up for a new guitar and have decided to sell a few yoyos to put towards it! All of the yoyos have a few dings and scratches but nothing major or very noticeable and they all play very well! PM me and we can figure out payments and such!