-=For Sale: Mint in Box G Squared Albatross - $90 shipped!=-


The following are for sale or trade. Shipping is included in the prices, and I always ship via USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. Payment via paypal only please! If you live outside the US, please let me know in advance for shipping fees. Feel free to offer any trades, just make sure to include pictures of any non-mint yoyos that are offered. I am most likely only interested in trades with the yoyos on my wants list below. Prices are negotiable, so go ahead and make an offer!

Mint in Box G Squared Albatross - Looking for $90 shipped!
Solid blue colorway. Dead smooth, floaty, awesome yoyo. I currently have two, so I decided I’d sell one! Pictures coming later today!

BBYY Unengraved Swirly - Looking for $40 shipped, or best offer!
This yoyo is an amazing and unique throw. It’s pretty dinged up from being dropped on pavement, but still plays like new. Not a yoyo you come by too often these days! I will take full pictures of the damage for anyone who’s interested!

Mint Duncan FHZ - Dyed, weight rings, silicone recessed, custom hubs. Looking for $40 shipped, or best offer!
This is a very special Duncan FHZ, and I have not come by anything quite like it before. This is probably the best plastic I’ve ever owned.

Wants List:
Onedrop Code2
SPYY Revenger
Other interesting mint yoyos!

If you have any questions, requests, or offers please let me know! I may trade both of these for some of my wants!

Thanks in advance!



Bump! Please send all offers to me via private message! Thank you!


Bump! Please send all offers via private message!




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