-=For Sale: Mint C3 Master Galaxy, Mint SE YYE Code2, Mint SE Dietz!=-

The following are for sale or trade. Shipping is included in the prices, and I always ship via USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. Payment via paypal only please! If you live outside the US, please let me know in advance for shipping fees. Feel free to offer any trades, just make sure to include pictures of any non-mint yoyos that are offered. I am most likely only interested in trades with the yoyos on my wants list below. Prices are negotiable, so go ahead and make an offer!

Mint C3 Master Galaxy - Looking for $85 shipped!
This yoyo plays fantastically. Dead smooth and an awesome shape for competitive throwing.

Mint Onedrop Yoyoexpert Edition Code 2 - Looking for $90 shipped!
Smooth as can be. Has black aluminum side effects, and looks absolutely amazing.
Pictures coming soon!

Mint Onedrop Dietz 2011 World Yoyo Contest Edition - Looking for $80 shipped!
My favorite undersized yoyo of all time. Smooth as can be, silent 10 ball bearing. Come’s with original Dietz side effects!

Wants List:
CLYW Arctic Circle
G2 Lockness Monster AKA Nessie
Other interesting mint yoyos!

If you have any questions, requests, or offers please let me know!

Thanks in advance!


I’m interested in the Dietz but I can’t see the pictures?





Bump! Added Yoyoexpert Edition Code 2!

Bump! Pending a sale for all three!

Bump! Everything is still available!