Quake AL7

Really thought these would fly off the shelf. Did black Friday deplete everyones’ wallets? I’m surprised the solid color “ice” was the one that had the least left. Were there less of those from the start? The “Royal Purple” is calling me. …Must…resist…

Who got one?

The original Quake delivered much more than I could’ve ever hoped for as far as play and offered one of my favorite colorways on a yoyo ever (Deep Woods). I’d love to own an AL 7 Quake too. That said, after all my recent purchases I just can’t justify another $125 right now for a single yoyo that is a variation of something I already own. If people bless me with many BST purchases I might change my tune. Hopefully that will happen and hopefully there will still be a Chainmail in stock if it does happen. I suspect many people are in the same boat.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m also keeping very tight purse strings for the moment. This always happens to me around the holidays though. So many great deals. Think they’ll last until my birthday in March? I can only hope.

I immediately thought the same thing. Black Friday…Cyber Monday and then Thin wallet Thursday.

Hey, my money press runs out of ink too. But, I jumped in and bought a Purple one, anyway.

I really like Quakes.

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I was surprised the AL7 Quakes didn’t go flying through like CLYW drops used to.

Either way, I got a Chain Mail one heading my way.

I didn’t take advantage of the Mystery Boxes as there was no YYF I wanted or needed that I don’t already have. I did find a one CyberMonday deal that I took advantage of, but that wasn’t one of the higher-priced values. I opted to not get in on a couple of the deals just to save money. The AL7 Quake I put money away for($130 to be exact just to be safe) to ensure I had funds for this one.

One thing is that this time, any colorway would have been extremely satisfying to own. I already have an ICE(AL7 Albatross), but that one honestly looks minty. I have an AL7 Nessie(pink). My AL7 Triton is Arctic Chill, so with the Quake, it would have to be something different just for color variety.

With 50 total units, not all could have the same number.

Jake really knows his stuff. I’ve been super pleased, impressed and amazed with each of his initial offerings. Then he comes out with the AL7’s and it’s just like “awesome done better”. Each so different. This is definitely the new brand to keep your eyes on.

for international buyers it may have been the shipping costs that killed the deal for them.

As an example, I have the choice of taking USPS at $35 or FedEx at $34.89. The $50 needed for EMS was out of the question from the start. And don’t forget that we have to pay taxes and customs fees not only on the yoyo but on the shipping costs as well. :expressionless:

I am really curious what you guys have to say in here.

The AL7 series has been such a hit we increased the run size this time around. ( Starting with the Nessie all AL7 are limited to one run)

Ice was the most limited. Chainmail has the most. And there was 10 royal purple and arctic chill.

The timing was an issue since many people bought items during the holiday sales. Good news is there are still enough available for you to save up again.

I love the AL7. Esp these since they are blasted and still grind. Andre sent me an email letting me know how much he liked it. It’s always nice getting his stamp of approval.

Quake and AL7 Quake are not the same. Hope you get to experience the differences.

Thanks for your input, Jake. I really do want to try the AL7 Quake. I’m someone that loves throws in the 68 gram range. One of my favorite ILYY throws, the Enigma, is the same weight as the AL7 Quake, so I’m very intrigued. I didn’t know it was blasted, and really do like that type of finish too.

Looks like I might have to sell a couple more throws to get my hands on a Quake. :wink:

Is the AL7 Quake a re-design or simply like the others where you had the original design re-done in 7075?

So far, I’ve been extremely pleased with G-Squared products. I get as excited about your stuff as I do with CLYW and One Drop, as I find it every bit in their league. Each time you release an AL7 version of an existing yoyo, it’s been “that’s precisely what was maybe missing from the regular versions”. It’s like whatever the 6061 version is, just simply playing, feeling and performing better with no adjustments needed.

I should have also mentioned I dont think this drop was bad. Already in double digit sales and not even 24 hours and right after the biggest sales.

I have a glitch TARDIS blue AL7 Quake and I am loving it. It has become my classroom yo-yo and my students think it is awesome but do not like my choice of string color (yellow). My school is 50 minutes outside of Columbus, OH and most of the student body are die hard Ohio State Buckeyes. :slight_smile:

Jake is correct, the AL7 and regular Quakes are different beasts. I have one of each in for a review. I am not sure which one I like more at the moment. :slight_smile:

Where did you get a glitch one?

LOL at your Michigan yoyo in the middle of Ohio.

I would LOVE to snap up an AL7, I love chainmail and the purple, but moneywise its just a tight time. I just finished all my Christmas shopping so now I’m kinda low. Plus a lot of good stuff all at one one is popping up so some people might be jumping around with their priorities. I REALLY do want to get one and hope they will still be there next week when I get paid again.

My mistake. The AL7 Quake is not the same weight as the Enigma. The Quake is .2 grams lighter. Probably not a huge difference.

Saintrobyn, what do you notice right away about the 2.5 gram increase of the AL 7 version? I’ve always preferred heavier throws because they move more deliberately for me. But that might be my inexperience.

there is so much coming out right now, I need to pick my battles…

man everything is so tempting.

I agree.

I’m waiting on the next CLYW drop. Then One Drop pulls out the Benchmarks and now my holiday budget is all whack! G-Squared’s releases are must-have items for me.

My wants are carefully documented. I’m not straying from my list.

So who else got one? What do you think?

For me, it plays better than a Ti5, at about a 3rd the price.

Matter a fact, I think I am going to sell my Ti5 to buy one each, of the other 3 Colorways. And I very seldom sell yoyos. But I have a lot of yoyos just sitting around and my Ti5 is one of them, lol.

I got the Purple AL7 in the mail today. And it is Seriously Good.

I would say it is heavy for its diameter, but the weight is in exactly the right places. It throws down Solid but not heavy on the string. It is not floaty, but can move quickly. Mine is Super smooth. I’m using it with the slightly grooved bearing. As a rule, I do not use grooved bearings and I do not support the use of grooved bearings. But this Quake is so solid and stable, the grooved bearing compliments the precision feel of the Yoyo by giving a consistent result on the throw. When the yo hits the bottom of the string, there is minimal drag because the string is not touching anything but the bearing.

The Yoyo pops great. Gyro flops, outstanding. Finger grinds, dreamy, haha. On a strong throw, the Quake does not deflect out of plane, easily. Tilts can be controlled/corrected, very easily. I don’t do much horizontal, but the Quakes blend right into a horizontal program.

A truly well engineered Yoyo. And in person, a thing of beauty.

It easily is in my top ten. And I have a whole lotta yoyos.

This is not really structured like a review. It is just my ‘view’.

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Wow! Glad you love it yoyodoc.

Do you have a 6061 version of it to compare?

Now this or a rainbow blood/seismic Quake…

Darn you Jake for giving me so many awesome options lol.
Side note, I got the Christmas card and stickers, thanks so much!