al7 quake or regular quake

okay so i have been looking at the al7 quake and the regular quake and i was wondering about the difference of play, and feel.

AL7 Quake is, in my opinion, loads better than the regular. It takes everything I loved about the regular Quake and carries it over. It takes everything I disliked about the regular and improves on them. For example, the regular Quake felt kind of “weak” on the string. It obviously has decent spin, like most yo-yos these days, but I felt it was kind of lacking. The AL7 feels much more stable and long spinning, creating a yoyo that is just truly amazing!

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I haven’t played either myself but here’s a pretty solid review from High Speed Yoyo comparing the two:

Some good information in there so it’s worth a read. :slight_smile:

quake is fast and light. while not an unstable yoyo, it is slightly less forgiving of lazy play and will tilt, especially at lower speeds

al7 quake is extremely stable and has a very solid deliberate feel to it. it has a very YYR feel to it imo, which is a big compliment

you didnt ask, but i feel that the aftershock takes the speed of the quake and combines it with the stability of the al7 quake into a very strong fullsized package if that would be more your thing

to tell the whole truth i very much like the shapes and looks of all the g2 yoyos… if only i had the cash.

Aftershock FTW