G Squared AL7 Aftershock: A High Speed YoYo Review

G Squared is at it again with their AL7 line. Like Old Faithful, you can count on them to release a 7075 version of their current release, usually within a few months of original’s release. This one is a little different for me. I have not hidden the fact that the Aftershock has been one of my all time favorite G Squared yo-yos. It played so close the feel that the AL7 Quake provided while fitting my gigantor paws a whole heck of a lot better. I am always apprehensive when companies tinker with a design I have grown attached to… I guess I have become the old “get of my lawn” thrower that does not like change. With this release we will see how two grams of additional weight changes an otherwise unchanged design.

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Nice review as always! I just have one question: out of all the yoyos have reviewed, what is the most stable and long spinning?

Oh dear lord… honestly, I have no idea. ;D

That is 5 years worth of reviews and close to 200 yo-yos that have come through the HSYY bunker. LOL

The AL7 Aftershock is definitely on the list and is just a great all around player. The Magnum had some crazy spin time, along with the GZR Burnside. The T1, Gnarwhal 2, Gelada 2, Majesty, and Punchline are all high on the stability list.

Thanks! Keep making awesome reviews!

Great Review Chris !!

I received my AL7 today, and I have to say that I Love It !!
The additional 2 grams of weight gave me pause when I heard about them, but Jake has managed to add the weight so gracefully that it actually compliments the YoYo. It’s really quite amazing.

While I still love my 6061 version for sure, the AL7 is a clear winner for sure. I have always bought the AL7 version of every design that Jake releases, and have always loved the way they turn out.
It’s nice getting two versions of the same YoYo !!