New Release! The G-Squared AL7 Hawk!


The last release from G-Squared, The Hawk, was received so well that they had to do something special. This is the all new 7075 Aluminum AL7 Hawk!

The original Hawk was a 62g featherweight yo-yo that had a surprisingly powerful feel. The new AL7 Hawk, machined from the denser and more durable 7075 aluminum, takes the same design and pushes up to just over 64 grams. And the final result is amazing!

The AL7 Hawk plays very similar to the original as an undersized design with the excellent stability and spin time, but it has way more power behind it. The somewhat smaller size maintains the same amazing maneuverability and the couple extra grams gives you that extra edge to push through those long combos without sacrificing any speed.

G-Squared described the Hawk as 62 grams of magic, and the new AL7 Hawk just kicks that magic up to the next level!


The other AL7 colorways :heart_eyes:

({John15}) #3

Oh, 3 years later… I was about to say, I thought he just retired these.

Also, accurate