G Squared Aftershock: A High Speed YoYo Review


G Squared is following a trend in yo-yo design that has been going on for quite some time… take an existing design and make it bigger. CLYW did it with the Gnarwhal and the Sasquatch then again with the Campfire and Bonfire, both larger sized versions garnered rave reviews. YYF did it with the 888 and the result was the DNA, another yo-yo that received good press. Today G Squared is taking the Quake, one of my personal favorite throws, and inflating the size to make the Aftershock. I always cringe a little when it is a design I already groove on quite a bit, as I do not want to see it messed up. Will the Aftershock be another success in this trend; lets dig in and find out.

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Great review, as usual! May have to pick one of these up.


Nicely written review Chris, I’ve come to expect nothing but from you though.

I just unboxed my Aftershock this afternoon and must say that “I Love it”.
I agree with your review entirely now that I’ve had the chance to throw it. Particularly how nice it feels in your hand.

Jake pulled off another winner once again…

(G2 Jake) #4



I got to say that after having the opportunity to now spend a few days with this YoYo, it has quickly become my “Go-To” throw for the time being. It really really grows on you.

I did indeed change the bearing to a YYF Gold Center Track, and installed my usual Toxic BG1, and I’m cooking with fire on this thing now !
The bearing you provided Jake is actually totally fine, I’m just a creature of habit.

Great job on this YoYo…


So how does it compare to a Quake? I love my Quake so much, I don’t think I’d ever trade it away unless it was an absolutely absurd deal. Also, does it play like a bigger AL7 Quake with the extra material except with benefits of 6061 alloy?