THE Aftershock---G Squared Yoyos


Prepare yourself for June 1st.


Who tried a Aftershock at BAC?

Who purchased and Aftershock at BAC?

Who is dying to try an Aftershock?

Who is saying, “Is it June 1st yet???”


The Quake should have been the fullsized version.


The names would have fit properly by definition, but they had to save THE BEST for last :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t the name imply there’s tons of vibe? lol


Of course just a couple weeks after I get a quake there’s a full sized version of it >.<


The Aftershock is so different than the Quake.

The Aftershock, in my opinion, is the best G2 on the market. Closely followed by the Triton.


Bump, Leave me some feedback on my tricks :slight_smile:


that last trick in the water :smiley:


It was fun :slight_smile:


Who plans on getting an Aftershock??

(G2 Jake) #12

A better question is who doesn’t :flushed:


Having the better question proves why you’re the boss man :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #14

Just out here having some fun.


I really like your nice a technical yet flowy style. that grind bind was pretty sick also. The outro just fit the video so well! keep up the good work!


Who got an Aftershock today??


I didn’t get one! I’ve got no Cash Money$. Hope to get one later? G-Squared Rules!? :slight_smile:


There shouldn’t be a question mark at the end of the last sentence :slight_smile:


It’s sarcasm.