More G2 Quakes

More G Squared Yoyos—Quake

February 25th, 9pm EST.

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You are really good, like extremely good, how long you been throwing

I’ve been throwing for 2 years.

Bump! Let me know what you guys think of this video.


hey, there, gr8 video with some chillouted tricks, btw are all of them made by you?

Nice! Very sweet skills. Keep the vids coming.

All of the tricks are made by me.

start making tuts :slight_smile:

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Give me some time :slight_smile:

I’ve done tutorials in the past.
If I do make tutorials, I will likely do breakdowns rather than a step by step.
Step by step takes far too long.

I doubt if my pension will ever be able to allow me to afford a Quake but I sure did enjoy your video.

nice video. it looked really clean.

Thank you very much.

That’s defiantly a factor for most people. But if you ever have the chance to trade, or obtain a Quake I highly recommend it. Check out tonight. $80 “glitch” or ano flawed quakes.

I so hope to pick one up tonight! It’ll be my birthday present to me! ;D
come oooooonnn Majestic Glow!

You’ve got an awesome taste in Colourway :slight_smile:

Your chances of getting one are decently high. Unfortunately G2 is not like clyw yet, so to store doesn’t sell out in minutes. But who knows, maybe that will happen tonight!

Happy early birthday :slight_smile:

I bought one of the $110 ones. Part of me wants to buy one of the $80 ones just to get the $25 discount since I can’t go wrong with a $55 Quake but I already broke my no doubles rule…I don’t need to make it a triple lol.

Love your vids btw. Never heard back from you but hoping/assuming that the Albatross ended up safely making its way to you after whatever the weird USPS mixup was. Looking forward to seeing it in one of your videos one day so I can say I knew that yoyo before it became a star ;D

I got it! Sorry I never replied. I’ve been so busy with school and work! Thanks a ton!

Got one, I was sweating bullets until I got a confirmation. Thanks for the birthday wish! great videos by the way, are you by chance sponsored by G-squared or are you just a huge fan?

Huge fan :slight_smile: