The Ask G2 Jake Thread

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Hey All-
Wanted to open this up for any questions you might have. Ill do my best to answer anything and everything you throw at me. I hope most are G Squared Yoyos related but they do not have to be.

Fire Away!


Did you design the bearing seat on the triton? What program did you use?

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The bearing seat is pretty standard. It is based off one drops dimensions. We wanted a wider response so that was updated. It is done in auto cad by Drew White, a good friend of mine and team member.


Will you ever ro a colab?


How are the BOSS bearings different then Twisted Trifecta or Buddha Ripple?


Would you like to find a person who can win a big competition with a G^2 yoyo? How hard would you try and get this person on your team?


How many G Squared yoyos do you have for yourself? Which one is your favorite that you own? Got a pic of it?


What do you use to take those awesome spinning photos on Instagram?

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I think so

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I have only tried the trifecta, and the only difference I can find is retail price.

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I would love to see a major competition won with one of our yoyos.

As far as recruiting them, it depends on the player. Character comes first when in looking at players for my team.

We also have a couple players that I feel are close and have the ability win major competitions. Jesse Christe is a player on the team you want to watch.

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I have about 25
The first Albatross has a special place in my heart but here are a few of my favorites!


Would you consider making a d-bearing yoyo? What about titanium? I feel both of these are missing in the current scene and are badly needed, possibly together which afaik hasn’t been done.

(kclejeune) #14

Would you consider a budget aluminum type yoyo, based off the triton or albatross? Maybe have a simplified inner hub, with an organic shape. Maybe grooves…?


Why dont you open a ASK fm account it would probably be easier to keep track of than this thread

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Just my iPhone 4S

My Instagram is @g2jake if your not following me yet


Do you see yourself designing a YoYo with an undercut?


Is Brett still one of the owners?

(G2 Jake) #19

Highly doubtful on the d bearing.
I really want to do a Ti yoyo sooner rather than later. But I still don’t have any official plans for one.


Will you make a wide light yoyo?