The Quake is Coming

Quake Release

After months of design tweaks and multiple prototypes we are ready to move forward with the Quake! Bringing you something that is like nothing else in the G2 line of yoyos. Some of you have had the opportunity to test it and have loved it! Thanks for being patient on the process and all of the support you continue to show us!

Dia - 53.22mm
Width - 41.64mm
Respone - G Grips
Bearing - BOSS Rage AND Wrath
Weight - 66.2
6061 Al

I’m sitting here crying at my wallet.
Bc, I literally have No money at all.
I need to get my working papers.
Get a Job. And Then I can finally be at ease, and snuggle with my quake.

Oh my gosh, those specs almost fit my preferences perfectly. Need need need need need need need. This looks so nice. Will the Quakes be blasted?

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Around what price range?

$99 solids (clear ano only first run)
$110 the rest

Yes blasted :slight_smile:

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Time for me to say up! Thankyou!

Looks beauty, eh!

So glad I waited for this. Any release date yet? Must have this.

Will any of these have engravings because I’d love a solid blasted yoyo with some awesome engravings along the rims or something

This looks amazing…

No engravings on the first run.

Please keep it with no engravings the cup looks so nice.

The gap somewhat worries me, no lip or width to help with string rub? ???

Not sure what your asking?

There is a very low wall to keep it stable, and have a small amount of area for the string to rub on.

I’d need to look at the CAD but I believe the gap is 4.44mm

I usually stay in bed through earthquakes. I’d duck and cover for this, though!

I need one for sure!

I loved how it played!

Might get it for Christmas. that’d be cool

Maybe he’s worried that it doesn’t look masked by the seat? If it’s a soft blast it probably isn’t an issue but it always sucks to chew through a string. Cuz then the yoyo goes smash.

No string cutting issues. The team has been playing them for a few weeks now.

I want to get quaked out! I cant wait!!! Better be som cool colorways!!