The G Squared Quake

(G2 Jake) #1

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know the Quakes are done and currently being packaged for the stores.
I know you have all been waiting for production run picture! Here it is!

A little Quake Write up -

The Quake is a yoyo that we have been working on since since the release of the Triton. Players have started to express concerns that a majority of new releases have been full and oversized. We wanted the Quake to be something to fill that void. We didn’t just want to make a pocket yoyo. We strived to create something smaller but something that was still competition ready. The Quake is mid-sized with a Diameter of 53.22mm. The Quake was also designed to play fast. Something we have not specifically focused on before, you don’t see it with any of the prior G Squared releases. The Quake was a challenge for us to get right. The original prototype had a slight vibe and did not have the stability we wanted. Mainly changing the weight distribution and wall the production run is exactly what we wanted, a fast smaller yoyo with good stability and the doesn’t feel heavy. The Quake is also the first yoyo from G Squared to come with pads, replacing our flowable silicone. The G Grips will fit in all G Squared yoyos though!

Oh I almost forgot to mention the Quake is the best yoyo I have ever thrown for horizontal. :slight_smile:

Final Specs:
Dia-53.22 mm
Width-41.64 mm
Weight-66.2 grams
Response- G Grips
Bearing- BOSS Rage and BOSS Wrath

Colorway Names
Snozberries, Splat
Berries and Cream, Clear, Warpath, Buried Treasure
Hulk Blood, Strawberry Splash, Deep Woods, Freedom

$110 for everything except the clear, that will retail for $99


So it comes with 2 bearings?


what a fantastic group shot that is. I think you’ve really outdone yourself with so many great choices. You know I love Snozberry, but Deep woods is really awesome looking too, making me second guess my color choice.


I’m coming for that snozberry


Snozberries doesn’t look like how I thought I remembered it looking! But it looks DOooooope!

Nice job on the Quake, Jake!


Looking good Jake!!!


How about a contest to celebrate?

Maybe the winner could get…

I dunno…


A quake?


Drop em like an earth"quake" :slight_smile:


Will be picking up that clear one for sure!

Anyway you will be doing a release in Nickle?

(G2 Jake) #10

Yep! A flat and a concave grooved


Awesome!!! I’ll put that on the gigantic list of throws to be bought!

(G2 Jake) #12

Mission accomplished :slight_smile:

Love that so many people are having a hard time picking a favorite!


Will G Grips be available from other online retailers or just through the G Squared store?

(G2 Jake) #14

YYE will have them.

(G2 Jake) #15

95% sure no NI. I need to find a new plater.


The Deep Woods colorway looks amazing


Absolutely amazing. Wow. I love 53ish diameter throws! The Cupcake, La Goutte, and Galactic Goose are some of my favorites ever due to their size. Release day pickup for me for sure. Thank you!!


I have to say that with each release from you guys I become more and more tempted to buy one of your throws
the triton was so tempting since I loved the engravings but this entire yoyo fits my preferences and even though I’m trying to stop aquiring new throws I may have to get one of these


When is the official release date?

(G2 Jake) #20

Thanks for considering my stuff. I appreciate it! I know there are many options out there but I really believe you will be completely satisfied with G2