What do you want to know about the Quake?

So - this weekend I am going to make a Vlog about the quake answering your questions.

Please leave any questions along with your name, and I will do my best to fit them into the video.

This won’t work without your help!

Thanks guys!

Name: Michael S

How does the quake play in comparison to say the Triton or the Albatross? Is this the best throw G2 has put out for competition would you say?

Tucker H.

What was the biggest influence for you when designing the quake?

Do you prefer the rocket launcher ooooor the railgun?

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Andrew R.

Edit: How did you come up with the name Quake?

He said it was the best horizontal yoyo he’s ever used.

There are several big releases over this late summer/early fall time period - I’m thinking about OD (Format C:)/General-YO (Prestige)/G-Squared (Quake), with even more if one considers the quality plastics being produced. What sets the Quake apart from the competition? Joe

Name: Chris Pickett, AKA Studio42

I would be interested in hearing about what pre-existing yoyo models may have been used for any sort of design or inspiration elements for coming up with the Quake.

Name: Freddie M.

Will there be a Bohemian Rhapsody edition?

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Spencer Reynen

  1. Why should someone looking to purchase a high end yoyo spend their money on purchasing this yoyo instead of something else that is out right now?

  2. What makes this yoyo different from any other one and what does this yoyo offer that no other yoyo has?

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Let’s face it, very rarely nowadays are you going to get a yoyo that offers something that no other yoyo does. It’s a bit of an unfair question.

if anyone can make up a good answer to that question Jake can.

Actually, after playing with a Quake for a while the other week, I can say that it definitely offers something that I’ve never experienced in a throw (limited though it may be). It is easily the most stable throw of its size that I’ve come across. When Jake handed it to me, I thought that I probably wouldn’t be a huge fan of it because of the size. I was wrong. It had that fun factor that smaller throws have, but still had that solid, stable feel that I’ve only really felt in full size + throws.

I’m wondering this too.

David. S

How did you come up with those amazing color ways?

Jesse S.
What’s your personal favorite colorway?
Do you plan on doing an AL7 run?

Name: John-James O.

Given its very different shape, can we expect the same kind of stability from the Quake as from previous G2 throws?

Good questions so far!

Name: Joshua Comeau

Q: How many Quakes are being released in the first run? Is it split evenly between all colorways (and the clear), or is there a specific breakdown of how many for each colorway?

Thanks guys! Let’s bring in a few more question.