2SickYoYos News Thread: 1/1 Queen Giveway!!! Details on Page 16

Many remember earlier this year I designed a CAD of a yoyo that I deemed Gambit. I had prototypes made and was pleasantly surprised with how great they turned out so I decided to that this yoyo needed to be in others hands. So now I am going to releasing a run of Gambits so that some lucky  can get their hands on them! The prototypes are exactly like the production so any reviews and thoughts seen before will also be able to assumed for the production run.

I would like to introduce 2sickyoyos! This is the brand name that the Gambit will be going under. 2sick is going to be a brand that focuses on USA made yoyos with excellent quality, optimum playability, and getting a great bang for your buck! We plan on making yoyos that are visually appealing not only in design but colorways as well. Limited numbers in runs and colorways will bring in a collectability value.

Gambit is the first design by 2sick. I designed this in CAD to be a yoyo that could handle the competition oriented style but was also fun to play. It has the proper rim weighting to make it stable and play at a fast pace. The Gambit is perfect for long combos or the short bangers as well as handling horizontal. Available in 2 different alloys as to give options for whether you want that fast and agile gambit or the solid and rock stable one.

There will be 50 gambits made in this run so it will be limited. While its limited in the amount of yoyos there will be a total of 5 colorways available making each colorway 1 of 10. Featured on them will be some unique splash and acid washes that will sure to strike the eye. A total for 40 Gambits will be in 6061 aluminum and 10 will be in 7075 aluminum. That makes this a pretty limited yoyo that would look great in many collections.

A bunch of attention went into this design but also everything else as well. When purchasing a yoyo you want get the best bang for your buck! The gambit will be just that. Each Gambit will retail for $90. A price that is well below many others but you get the same quality and play. I believe that using the community to influence 2sickyoyos will help keep the community united. The purpose for me making these is no to become a famous yoyo producer but because I made something that I want to get into more ’s hands so they can enjoy a design of mine.

I wanted to use services from fellow yoyoers to be able to produce cool things. Every Gambit comes with a custom cut and etched leather keychain featuring the gambit logo made by Josh Updyke. Also included will be a custom handmade string by Mike Shaak (a fellow yoyoer who’s strings are !) that will match the colorway. Machining will be done by Foxland and Anodizing by Gruntbull. Each yoyo will be hand siliconed and hand-tested to ensure the optimum smoothness. All logos are made be forum member JamesMay (Who does  work btw). Also thanks to Landon Balk for design help. So as you can see I utilize my fellow community to make this a good release.

Diameter- 56mm 
width- 42.46mm
weight- 65.5g (7075 67.8g)
Gap- 4.35mm
Response- 19mm groove (hand siliconed)
Bearing: 10 ball flat Buddah Bearing

Here is our Facebook page where you can hit like if you want to keep up with updates :slight_smile:

Production runs pictures and colorways will be posted when I get them :slight_smile:

As I said before for our first release we are going to be selling direct through the forums or through our Facebook page. This is going to be so we can keep the price lower for our customers. If this first yoyo sells well we will definitely want to move into retailers. We will be a seldom release company so when we do release yoyos be ready to pick it up! This may be the only release, one will never know.

If you have any inquiries on anything you can message through this account or for faster responses our Facebook page. You can also message user yomagic for questions as well.

Can’t wait to hear your comments

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More people need to know about this!

I have personally used the Gambit on several occasions. I was not fortunate enough to grab one of the preproduction Gambit’s, but I guarantee this yoyo is well worth the $90.

I myself plan on purchasing one, so you can count me in!

Seriously though, if you’re even considering getting this, DO IT! You will be missing out of you don’t :slight_smile:

Awesome! Are the 7075 also going to be $90? What colours will be on tap… and are only solids planned?

7075 will be $100

I dont plan on doing any solids on them! Aweseom splashes and acid washes are coming :slight_smile:

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Depending on colorway, I will probably pick one up, hopefully one of the 7075 ones :slight_smile:

They’re going to be awesome man…just plan on picking one up now. Haha

There will be 5 colorways so I’m sure one is going to strike your fancy!

Count me in for another one of these bad boys!

I want one. 7075!

So stoked that Joey is putting more of these out there. I don’t know of a single person who hasn’t loved their Gambit: I know I love mine!

If you missed it back when the first few came out, here is my review of the Gambit

I will for sure be picking up one of the production runs, and I advise you to do the same.
Get excited!

Wow! That Gambit looks


^ I see what you did there stephen!

BTW just to keep things clear:

I am not leaving DS. If you read the original post you will see that I say the only reason this is in existence is because I made a yoyo that I truly enjoy and others as well and just wanted to get more made so more people could enjoy it. Trying to sell a yoyo without a “brand” is sort of like selling a car without a brand name. It would be hard to sell someone a car when they ask the brand and you reply, “there is no brand”. I don’t want to become a famous successful yoyo manufacturer at this point in my yoyo career. I want to make a yoyo that people will love (hopefully). Releases will be seldom with this…the true definition of seldom haha!

Hope that clears some things up :slight_smile:

I personally love my 7075 Gambit to bits. Easily the most chilled out, relaxing throw I’ve ever tried and insanely comfortable in the hand. People talk about the Puffin being relaxing and chilled, they need to try one of these… it makes the puffin look up-tight.

Very unique feeling and I’m glad I got my hands on one. $90-$100 is a great price for such a fun throw. Makes me want to go outside during a spring sunset, put on some gentle acoustic tunes and just flooooowww…

Side note: this isn’t the fastest throw in the world. If you’re a speed freak like Hiroyuki Suzuki, then perhaps this won’t be your thing. If you’re a smooth operator like Charles Haycock, you’ll probably love it.

(I haven’t tried the 6061 version so my opinion is purely based on the 7075)

Personally, I loved it and I once again wish to extend my thanks to 2Sickyoyos for allowing me the opportunity to get my hands on one of these the first time. =)

So are you still on deadly spins? And I can’t wait! I’ve wanted a Gambit even since they’ve come out. Also even though you said no solids your still going to do gold right? :wink:

The 7075 Gambit is definitely not the fastest player. I would describe it as a powerhouse that is solid and can handle anything. I appreciate your comments on the 7075 version. Glad you still like it! Trust me the positive feedback I received from the people who have the pre-pros is the main reason I wanted to make more! Thank you all for that.

6061 Gambit is a fast player for those that like to go faster. At its weight its light enough where it maneuvers easily yet powerful enough to finish through tricks. It’s your fast, floaty, agile yoyo that is sure to impress. This is my personal favorite one but the 7075 is great too.

I couldn’t agree more with the views on that 7075 beast. This time around I’d like to get the lighter version, not 'cause I don’t love the other one, but just to see how they compare. Really darn stoked.

and this is why I’m wanting to get a 7075! lol. Before I found out Joey was going to do another run I was going to message you guys with the 7075s to try and set up a temp trade so we could see how the “other side” played. Now we don’t have to :slight_smile:


Boxes make me excited

Powder coated Gambit for a member here will be done tomorrow.