My Design, Gambit: pics on page 8: ALL GAMBITS SHIPPED

Well I had been dabbling in CAD and making a few designs of some throws that I thought would look cool and play well. I made a design I thought looked good and then I decided to pursue possibly getting some prototypes made.Designing a yoyo and having it actually made into a tangible object has always been on my yoyo bucket list. Messing with CAD for a few months I picked a design that I liked and had specs that I liked as well.

I talked to a couple machine shops about prices and primarily talk to Foxland Precision about all my questions and they answered them all in timely fashion. I have been back and forth emailing Alvin for a few weeks and they have great service. After deciding that I wanted to go ahead with Foxland I then contact Landon Balk to look through my design I made and fix any bugs/issues that my design had. My design was essentially 90% perfect but he had to make some minor changes with weight and response and his services were great as well.

Landon put it into his CAD and fixed it all up to be a perfectly functioning design. I give credit to him for being a great guy and doing a great job on it. So a few days ago I committed and officially put the order to get prototypes made. Making yoyos is NOT CHEAP and especially since I am getting a handful made. I am a college student so I don’t have a lot of money so I have been working a lot more and saving my money to pay for these. I am having 10 made and not exactly planning on having anymore made. This is something that I always wanted done and have finally made it happen.

Gambit’s have a finish date of early June so I am excited for that time to come. At this point I am saving up to pay for these throws. I plan on keeping like 3 of them and selling the rest. I am getting 7 made in 6061 and the 3 others in 7075. I am probably going to sell a few to close yoyo friends and a few to some other forum members. This is just to let you guys know and share the cool story. It’s going to be a very limited throw and hopefully will play how I want it too.

Gambit has specs that I personally like and is made to fit my style and preferences. I drew a lot of inspirations from Japanese companies as they make some of the best yoyos ever created. hopefully the design appeals to people and it should be great. I’m also getting all 7 6061 solid color anodized and the 7075’s will be raw. The colors include Gold, Clear, Blue with a few being blasted and unblasted.

Here’s a picture of the Gambit:

Full specs:
Diameter- 56mm
width- 42.46mm
weight- 65.5g (7075 around 67.8g)
Gap- 4.35mm
Response- 19mm groove pads
Bearing: 10 ball concaves

also here is the Logo for the design!

I want to give Alvin Rollins a shout out for being a extremely friendly and professional machinist.

Landon for helping with the design work.

Also JamesMay for the awesome logo!

Please let me know any comments or anything you guys would like to post or any suggestions :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: I am a member of Deadly SpINS and this is not a signature yoyo or an attempt to start my own company. This design is not affiliated with my sponsor but a personal project of mine. They are fully supportive of this project and support me.)

Kinda looks like an Arctic Circle. I like it!

Looks nice! The profile reminds me of an avalanche, but the double rings are unlike CLYW’s, they are both on the rims rather than one being in the middle of the yoyo. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense

It looks great, and I’m so glad that you have managed to get a yoyo made after carefully putting together a design. So easily these ideas become pipe dreams, and so the ability and drive to follow it through is great. The community should always support anyone like you who can get through this process and have a yoyo taken from ideas to a piece of aluminum in your hand. Given that you’ve been thinking about this for a while, can you give us some idea of where you’ve taken your design inspiration from, or what kind of throw you are producing? :slight_smile:

This looks very promising man. The shape, weight, everything really looks good and comfortable. Hit me up when they are done, I’m good for one.

I understand what you mean. They aren’t double rings though haha. Its like a double step for aesthetic and weight distribution purposes. I drew no inspiration in my design from CLYW which is funny since people think it looks similar to there throws. My main inspiration was YYR and other Japanese companies.

YYR mainly but also just aspects of a throw that I particularly think look good on a yoyo. I was looking for a lighter throw but could flow and have some speed. I don’t really like heavy throws so I stood away from the heavier weight for the 6061’s. I do think the 7075’s will play great as well.

I’m keen on lighter-feeling yoyos lately, as well.

As for the design, it looks exceptional. I’m loving it. Looking forward to seeing it as a real product, and if you need a buyer for any of the spares, send me a message. :slight_smile:

Seems like you guys like it generally so that’s awesome! I really wish I could afford to make more but making yoyos is really pricey. Unless I win the lottery 10 seems to be it for these. Still have to think of a cool name for the design but might wait till they are made to give a name that represents its play

I like the design!

You should call it the ‘flowjoe’ :wink:

How pricey are we talking? Because potentially people could pre-order them off you giving you the money to make them up front and then getting then when they’re finished. Just an idea. :slight_smile:

if these come out well then maybe making a full run would be cool but as of now this is a small project I’m doing. Full runs would be a couple $1000’s and that’s money I cant afford at all.

Wow… that’s intense. No worries, who knows, maybe some day these’ll be the competition throw of choice… :wink:

Just noticed the axle. Why M5 instead of M4? 8mm is also generally considered a smaller axle, though YYR certainly seems to do fine with them. :wink:

Profile looks a bit like the Burnside, weight distribution looks unique though.

Landon designed it to use a M5 axle. I used a small axle because I wanted a flat hub so small axles are all the would work. Axle size wouldn’t matter as I will include a few extra axles with each throw.

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Seems like in whatever thread people always compare a design to other throws. Designing is something that is almost impossible to be truly original. I didn’t try to make it look like any other throw and had no inspiration from the burnside.



Seems like in whatever thread people always compare a design to other throws. Designing is something that is almost impossible to be truly original. I didn’t try to make it look like any other throw and had no inspiration from the Burnside.

Edit: Just looked at the Burnside and I see a bunch of differences and its shape has similar shape but my design had a step near the response and the Burnside has a bigger curve where the rim meets the body.

lol at pressing “quote” instead of modify not once but twice. :wink: You’ll get there, man!