My Design, Gambit: pics on page 8: ALL GAMBITS SHIPPED

what software did you use? it looks good i love the 6061 weight

I used EMS but Landon made it in AutoCAD which the picture shows

Wow I want one


That’s very cool. It’s been years since I’ve used AutoCad and I’ve never used CAD with a full engineering or manufacturing package. Does the software give you updated weights as you change the shape? And can you see the weight distribution over different parts of the yoyo? Just curious.

I don’t know anything about how Autocad works, I only work with EMS


Well, I did say “A bit”

Not trying to take a jab at your design, and I know you made this 100% on your own (Not counting Landon’s help) so sorry if I came off wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know you didn’t call it a copy of it. I see the similarity in shape but like I said they are similar but very different. This is 100% my design. Only things Landon did was fix the bearing seat and some minor weight adjustments but every curve was my design. Granted he fixed some important things that make it a functioning design.

You should call it:

Grade 12
Cover Story

haha the past 2 days ive been messing around with EMS pretty simple and good for the price :wink:

I like the looks of it quite a bit, seems a a little light, but that might make it even better!

light usually means floaty and floaty=awesome!

I talked to the owner of crucial and he said he could do $500-$600 for 10 yoyos.

That’s a pretty accurate price range and pretty fair.

if you really think about it thats a good at about $50-$60 a piece :slight_smile:

Yeah, me and a few friends have designed a yoyo, but without jobs… sigh

very nice. clyw artic circle round 2…

50-60 is very expensive since that price reflects only machining them. That price doesn’t factor in anodizing, bearings, response pads, etc. Plus you are only getting 10 so you won’t really make a profit. Runs with higher numbers yield a cheaper price per yoyo but cost more to get it started. You make a better profit with bigger runs. I’m not going to make any profit at all and I’m definitely going to lose money but I’m not in this as a business or too make a bunch of money.

What do you guys think of these possible names:

Gambit (the user gambit will probably like this name)
Cataract (not the eye condition)
Telos (pronounced teel-ahs)
Aeolian (pronounced ee-o-lee-in)

These all have specific meanings that I like and these are some possible names I’m leaning towards! Let me know your thoughts

Gambit sounds kick a man