Usually im not a fan of wide yoyos like this, but I really like the catch zone, especially the bump near the center!

Looks great! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see it in physical form!

Thanks! Took me a while to get it the way I wanted then after Landon Balk added a few things it was perfect!

A couple mm narrower than the Revenger that I’m growing to love, so I’m down with the width of it all!

Looks really good. I like that there’s a slight IRG; being just off from 90 degrees means that you’ll be able to hop to thumb grind, which I admit I still enjoy doing especially for a non-yoyoing audience.

Looks interesting, a cross section pic would be nice.

That’s essentially what the far right corner picture is. It shows through the yoyo to the weight distribution.

Sorry, I’m on my phone and it cuts off images if I’m zoomed in too close. Looks really interesting. I’ll be waiting to try one of these out in the future.

This looks great!

It looks very nice! Do you have a planned retail price?

I would like it to retail in the OneDrop price range. With solids being cheaper and splashes/ acid washes being more expensive. And of course I’m going with Gruntbull for anodizing :slight_smile:

What’s it’s name?

I currently don’t have a name. I have a few names in mind but want to see how it plays first before I decide.

Also I’m curious. Would anybody be interested in a Kickstarter for this? It would reduce the price and it would get my company going a lot quicker. It would really depend on if anybody was interested though.

I like the shape! What’s a kickstarter?

That yoyo looks great. I have been considering getting a new yoyo but had not made up my mind yet. So consider that you have sold one already. If you start a kickstarted I would absolutely pledge enough for one of the yoyos.

I have been thinking about trying to manufacture my own yoyo. I have access to an entire machine shop equipped with a cnc mill with rotary attachment and cnc lathe. I am not such an artistic person to design the yoyo, but I am hoping I can start manufacturing small quantities for prototyping and testing, or just one off custom yoyos. I also have done some anodizing before and looking into getting my own set up for that. Anyway, not to get off topic. But I want to support more people designing and building their own yoyos.

let me know when you get more details.


Say you pledge $95 you’d get a solid color blasted yoyo. Or you could pledge $110 and you’d get a Gruntbull splashed/acid washed yoyo. So it’s basically preordering it so I can get started but you’d also get the yoyo cheaper than retail.

I like it man! Looks really nice. :smiley:

But I do have one, probably really, really stupid question. Are you sure you can use side effects? Do you need One Drop’s permission or anything, or can you just use them…?

They offer licensing you basically have to recognize that you use One Drop Side Effect Axle System and but the side effects from them.

Oh, alright. Makes sense. Sounds good.

What if you want to make your own Side Effects?