BLTyoyoworks, 3rd run of prototypes finished!


hey guys, i just created this topic to say that me and my friends form the yoyo group BLTyoyoworks, and we may soon start creating our own yo-yos! not sure ho its going to work out, or if we will even sell them, but we’re hoping for the best. here are some of our designs so far:

obviously these are not final, and i’m almost sure that only a select few of these will be sent in for creation. and the reason that some of them look similar is that some are different versions of the same yo-yos.

so come yoyo community! bring in the suggestions!
also, one more thing, just so you know, though we have the designs set and ready with all the correct measurements (on most) we still don’t yet have a good manufacturing company. so though these look nice, there is still a relatively large possibility that we will not have these made. if any of you people have info on this, please let me know immediately.

The 7th one and the last one would be amazing!!!

Nice but the first one and the 4th one loosk like ab urnside
Some of the other ones resemble other throws.
Oh well

Sorry i meant the Chief for the first one*

love the 8th

I’d like to try the 2nd and 9th! Designs look good, just make sure the weight is in the right place.

yeah, i think that other than just eyeballing it, weight distributions is going to mostly trial and error i think.

Way too much weight. Try reducing total weight and pushing it towards the rims.

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hey, does anyone know a way to have these prototyped some way that wouldn’t cost 500 dollars per yoyo? cause thats what its looking like now.

I wouldn’t prototype now.

First calculate you mass of one half. Those are way to heavy and would be a waste to prototype. I recommend you take of a good portion of the weight.

Trust me, I have prototype yoyos before.

hard to say, but this is very true.
what program did you use?
i can help with 3D designing though.

keep in mind these were mostly for looks, just to see the shape. i have since modified a few of our favorites to be more producible. for these i was using blender, but i just got autocad and will be making them in that from now on.

try making the weight distributions more like this;

Contact Alvin Rollins his yoyo company is foxlandprecision yoyos and he also makes yoyos for tenyo! And I like the 9th prototype

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Can we have a few precise models?

I use to be on Foxland’s team haha. Alvin is a super friendly guy, given he had the time, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind whipping a few things up for you guys. However he’s been extremely busy lately so I wouldn’t contact him just yet.

I’d take some of the advice from the other forum members here and try to pick about 1-3 designs that you really like and focus on getting them to the prototype stage. Honestly, I’d only pick 1 or 2 as you don’t want to start off overwhelming yourself and putting out a sub-par product.

If you’d like, let me know when you guys think your ready and I’ll put in a good word for you with Alvin and the rest of my old crew over there. :wink:

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I didn’t know you were ever on foxland when? And who are you sponsered by now?

thanks :slight_smile: ill look into him if we don’t find help in our friends. yeah, we for sure won’t going to release all of these. they’re just ideas. we just got together and thought up as mangy ideas as we could, modeled them in blender, then posted them here so that we could see which ones you guys liked best, so we could know which one to manufacture. i think were going to start out with number 10, then 7 i think.

Sounds good. And I was on the team around Worlds 2010, though at the time I wasn’t comfortable with competing and felt I wasn’t good enough to represent the company to the fullest so I made the decision to leave. However the “team captain”, Zach Smith, is one of my best friends so all of us are still on great terms with each other and I still support them when I can. :wink:

Though I am not sponsored by anyone currently.

Just give me a shout when you guys got some solid designs down that you’d really like to have checked out and I’ll let Alvin know and see if we can get something going. Alvin can really use any software such as Autocad, Surfcam, Mastercam, Delcam. He always suggested to me to try out Surfcam and Delcam though Autocad is usually the most popular. You guys seem to have it handled though if you’ve gotten this far. :slight_smile:

yeah, i just got auto cad and I’m working on transferring the blender file ideas into autocad. and auto cad calculates volume, right?