Joey's 3D Printed Yo-yo's (Up and Running!)


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So I recently assembled my own 3D printer just for fun, and I’m studying to become a Mechanical Engineer so it has many practical purposes for me. Soooo… started working on 3D printed yoyo’s and here’s my first prototype! I’ve learned a ton from this first model and I can see it has lots of potential. This one took 4 hours to print, 6 if you count the first trial messing up the last few min… Anyways here it is!

I’m sure once I get these rolling I’ll be selling them myself, or i’ll be a supplier to another cool company out there, or both! who knows, anyways I’m pretty excited about this myself.


Here’s the big question…

How does it play? And what are the specs?

Diameter 57 mm
Width 44 mm
Weight 59 grams

I was aiming for a little higher on the weight, but I can’t complain for a first prototype.

From what I can tell so far, there’s very minimal vibe. As for the play, I’d have to play with it more to give a more accurate description. I’m going to make enough changes to the next prototype that it probably won’t be similar.

That’s a featherweight for its size. I bet it’s fun.

that looks pretty smooth wish i could get my hands on one

Great job man! Nice work on a first time proto too! I’m rooting for you to get a good design going and that you progress in a great way like your hoping!

Good luck and keep up the awesome work dude! :slight_smile:

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Wow. I was so gonna do this. I’m treating myself to a 3d printer this Christmas and I was gonna do the same thing. I haven’t played around with an software yet, but I had big plans to start going to a few companies with ideas! Shame you beat me too it! Super cool dude and when I get mine I would love to swap different designs!

how does it play?

Takes more thought and effort than you may think but it’s fun!

I’ll give u guys a better update once I get a more solid prototype made. I’ll probably have it done by tomorrow.

I hope so i’m super umped to try and make mine!

Here’s proto 2. Made some important changes. Learned more. This one ended up being around 69 grams which is too hheavy for me. I liked the feel of the first proto better but this one was important for progression. Took four and a half hours to print. I have a few more ideas to make it even better. Oh and another update. This plastic is one of the best plastics to grind with. Better than some metals I’d say. No where near bead blasted but still pretty great. Yeah long day tomorrow including an important exam so proto 3 will probably come on Thursday. Going to try some real interesting stuff on that one. Enjoy!

ikr. That would be sick
Ps jbritter, I know you used to cube, maybe you still do, but have you tried to print one?

I tried prinoting a void cube but the designer didn’t consider clearance issues so it didn’t really work. I’m going to be working on my own design soonish to try to print.

Looks pretty neat! I’d buy it :smiley:

They look amazing!!! I’d buy one.

I will put them up for sale soon but I’d like to try to perfect it more before I sell them :slight_smile: I also need to figure out how to make a website cuz I don’t think I’m really supposed to sell them on the bst.

I think you can if you straight up about what they are.

I mean I can try and if it gets taken down I can make a website I just don’t wanna give the mods a hard time with this haha

fair point! REad the BST guid lines but I don’t think there’s anything against it.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t allowed. People do it anyways though :smiley: