--- Fluid Print Dynamics --- (Official)


I am Fluid Print Guy.

This is a new project I have taken on - making yoyos. But we need your help! all I need is to spread the love! Like our Facebook Page for updates! tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog! (If your dog is into yoyos that is…)



A little about the development of our yoyos - we have gone through 3 prototypes already. This will be the first plastic yoyo in the world to use One Drop side effects! Wide gap, Silicone One Drop pads, C Sized unresponsive bearing, focus on performance every day carry throw. Exciting stuff.

Just a fun fact - it take 9 hours to print a single yoyo. NINE HOURS! :o

Like I said, help this get off the ground. Spread the word, I need your help!

Introducing the Playto - a speedy Japanese inspired play style profile and refined cup area for finger spins. The hub area is hollow for maximum rim weight - and you can really feel it.

This run will be utilizing Glow in the Dark Filament! More on that later!

The second image is a comparison to a Yoyofactory Northstar.




You have my attention! How does the yoyo play?

If it’s the same one I played at ECR (and I think it is!) it plays light and fun, with just a bit of vibe. People couldn’t stop playing it.

Added some weight! will weigh 65, with aluminum side effects. So players can always make it heavier with the brass sets!



Looks cool!

Hmm, are you doing Extruded? Or powder?

More info will be released in later weeks! But it will be a 65 gram full sized yoyo.

Weve been trying and trying to make it work though! Not as easy as it seems, spent the last 4 days prototyping!


Perfecting the bearing seat…

Price will be $35 if everything works out right - which I think is very fair for a yoyo that uses Side Effects!

Updates later in the week.

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This is epic. Not only are you pushing the envelope in terms of yoyo manufacture, but you’re doing it for an amazing price!

Been waiting to see what people would do with 3D printers and yoyos, I’d seen a few attempts before but nothing that looks anywhere near as good as this. I’ll be watching this very very closely. :slight_smile:

Message me when these are ready I want one for sure!

If it takes 9 hours to print a yoyo, how on earth can you offer these for $35?

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My guess is the material is very cheap, and that the printer probably runs on electricity.

Any chance of a color besides grey?

3d printers are as safe to operate as a copying machine.

They can be left on overnight on a batch program.

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You are right. I wouldn’t be making much at all if not anything - Electricity is expensive. Also consider 1/2 of the price is the bearing, response and side effect.

Batches don’t do anything with our machine as it is not a laser sintering type. If I print a batch of 3 yoyos it takes 27 hours.

If you want, I can raise the price. :wink:

We didn’t take on the project to make money. We took it on as a thank you to the yoyoing community. We price our yoyos to the lowest price possible without us losing money. I hope you can support us in the same way we want to support you guys by spreading the word of this company/project.

I hope this sets the tone for the company.



What color were you thinking? Perhaps I could put a poll.

The production will likely be black, white and grey to keep the cost down.


Class. After reading this count me in

Purple would be great! Not sure how much a price increase it would make but purple would look awesome.

How close to production are you? I see you’ve been prototyping and was wondering how progress was going.

This just increased my interest in the company a lot. If they’re produced soon, I might just get one at that price.