yotrick civility

its anew yoyo might be coming if you help their kick starter reminds me of the m1.


Whoa I had no idea the guy from yotricks actually has a pretty sick style. Got to 45 seconds into the video and was like whaaaaat. Might back this :smiley:

It does look a LOT like the m1/project though. But from the video it sounds like they talked with onedrop designers.

Thats a sick Yoyo! But, I like it raw without the ano it looks better.

I really want the “special” TMBR maybe i should pledge $50…

This got me most excited as well. Been my recent thing… Got a month to decide!

I’m backing this at the moment. Learned a lot of tricks from their tutorials so I thought it’d be nice to back one of their projects. On top of which, the Civility looks pretty sweet.


I hope they make it I want it

If One Drop designed it , is it a One Drop yoyo or a Yotricks yoyo?

Yotricks officially, but I’d consider it both. Ninety bucks is an absolute steal.

$75 as a Kickstarter backer.

If they would release specs I think alot more people would be into this.

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I think if they designed it or put a lot of their ideas into it its yotricks, but it is OEM’d by onedrop

OneDrop didn’t design this yo-yo. Colin Leland did. It just so happens to be that Colin designed a couple of yo-yos made by OneDrop.

We did not have any hand in designing this yoyo. As far as Colin designing yoyos for OneDrop, that’s not entirely true. Colin collaborated with us on the Project, the Markmont, the M1, and the Project2. These yoyos were designed by he and I together.

i might back it just to get the civility inspired TMBR… oh man is it worth it not knowing what it will be? AHH!

I’ve used a prototype and it’s great.

It’s not designed by One Drop…

Oh man this looks sweet.

I apologize, that’s what I meant. I should have said helped.

You don’t need to apologize. We just want people to know that the credit for this design is with the guys at Yotricks.

just do the 75 then get a nice yoyo and a wooden only 25 extra dollars