have you heard of the civility yoyo?

Hey guys, I learned tons of trucks off yotricks, some from andré boulay. And I kinda wanna help out yotricks since they helped me get far in yoyoing. Its a metal, I think $90. They replied to my comment and said it will be out late this month, early next month. What do you think about it? Im just thinking about it, im seriously considering the chik, but let’s not talk about it in this post.

I got in on the KickStarter. Sounds like they are getting ready to send the units off to anodizing. It was $75 then.

I try to “spread the love” around, and by “love”, I mean “money”, and by “spread” I mean “spend”. I bu from several places regularly, some places more than others. I always go for the best prices.

Back to the Civility: I’m expecting decent things from it but I don’t expect to be blown away. I am expecting something like Burnside type performance, which is fine because I really like the Burnside.

Same, expecting very good, but not great. Would you get it over the chik? (I know you probably haven’t tried ethier of them)

Already have a Chik being held for me.

I can’t say anything about either until I get them. However, I really like One Drop, so I’d be inclined to choose the Chik over the Civility, but this is just based on pre-existing biases.

yeah, when you get them, let me know!

I won’t get the Chik until after Worlds because that item will be held there for me to pick up.

And I’m gonna be gone after Worlds, so I guess you’ll never know!

I wrote up a bunch of reviews for some other stuff, I’m just not going to use them.

I didn’t know the release date so I was worried about that :frowning:

They don’t know the release date yet.

It was supposed to be April, pushed to May, then June, most likely July now.

Their biggest issue was fine tuning the final model, then tweaking finishes. After that, it was waiting for the machine shop to be available. The good news for that last bit was when they placed the order, the machine shop was “free” and was able to focus on getting the items machined for them. Once they get them back(no word yet), it’s off to surface treating(unless the machine shop is doing that too) and then anodizing. I wonder if anodizing will take place BEFORE or AFTER the Kickstarters are contacted to see what color they want. Once anodized, then they’ll ship the goods off to the Kickstarters who ordered one based on their contribution. The rest should most likely then go into store inventory and then set a release date.

Well, I am glad that you learned so many TRUCKS off of YoTricks, but did you learn any TRICKS? (LOL, sorry I just had to do that) I am kinda off and on about wanting a Civility. Part of me would rather get a different high-end throw. Since I don’t have any yoyos that cost more than $62 (YYJ Theory, actually paid $52.70 for it though), I want to make an expensive throw COUNT, because I probably wouldn’t be getting any other yoyos of that caliber any time soon.

No, I learned trucks, no tricks. Lol but same thing here, I do have one throw that is over $80, but I want another, and im not sure if I should get it. Cuz I want so many throws!(Burnside,summit,di base 2, chik etc) so… I’ll try it at my spare and see if I lke it :slight_smile: it could be the best yoyo for me.

Store*, I need to double check my typing… Lol

I bought the civility for $75 on kickstarter in mid January they still haven’t finished making or even shipping these. This is quite annoying because they were supposed to be ready in March.

I know the feeling. I bought in at least 2 weeks before the Kickstarter timer ended. However, I am patient. Perhaps too patient.

I’ve been waiting for another yoyo to hit since January. Been bugging the company every week. It was supposed to release in March, then April and I could have gotten in “in country”, but then was told “end of April”, then “end of May”. It finally released and one is heading my way as we speak. Well, maybe. It may sit in the post office where it was mailed for a bit. I’m tracking the package.

I think the issues with the Civility was refining the design, trying to resolve the finish issue, and then getting the final production runs machined. They are apparently being machined right now.

Again, maybe I am too patient. My goals are to secure the items I want first. Now that they are “mine”, getting them is a secondary concern. I often have packages held just to add more stuff into them to save on postage/shipping fees. Ah, priority mail! Being first isn’t important.

wait they are ready?

No, they aren’t ready. I don’t think they are done with machining at this point. I don’t know how long anodizing takes, but I’m being given the impression that it won’t as lengthy a wait as the machining will be